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The Association of Indonesian Artists Holds a Declaration of Support for President Ganjar in Sidoarjo


Various Indonesian artists, artists and entertainers who are members of the Indonesian Artists Association (GSI) declared support for Ganjar Pranowo as President of the Republic of Indonesia 2024 at Gelora Delta Sidoarjo, East Java.

GSI Coordinator Roy Marten said that as an artist as well as entertainment actors, the country supports Ganjar Pranowo as president.

“We (artists) hope that good support from entertainment and arts actors in the country, ordinary people and all groups will be able to support Mr. Ganjar Pranowo in the future to continue the leadership relay,” said Roy.

Roy Marten revealed that the reason for GSI’s support for Ganjar to become president was because the Governor of Central Java for two terms was the most appropriate figure to continue Indonesia’s leadership in 2024.

Ganjar has proven to bring a lot of progress in Central Java and also pays attention to the common people. Ganjar often shows this through his work programs and leadership style, which always goes directly to meet the community.

At the event, several points of the declaration were also conveyed including:

First, we are members of the Indonesian Artists Association, loyal to Pancasila, the 1945 Constitution, and ready to maintain the integrity of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia.

Second, We, Members of the Indonesian Artists Association, fully support and are ready to win Mr. Ganjar Pranowo as President in 2024.

Third, we are members of the Indonesian Artists Association. We support the government in holding honest, fair, democratic and peaceful 2024 elections.

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