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The Community and MSME Actors in West Sumatra Highly Appreciate the Socialization of Ganjar Volunteers


By : Irvan Chaniago )*

The entire community and MSME actors in the Province of West Sumatra (Sumbar) expressed their very high appreciation for how many very positive activities were carried out by Ganjar Pranowo volunteers from various circles and how they tirelessly continued to carry out outreach to the community up to grassroots.

Volunteers from the Presidential Candidate (Capres) promoted by the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDI-P), Ganjar Pranowo, consisting of young people who are members of the Ganjar Young People (OMG), provide assistance to further improve Micro and Small Business actors. and Medium Enterprises (UMKM) in Bukittinggi City through assistance to batik MSME actors.

Regarding the assistance provided, OMG Regional Coordinator (Korwil) in West Sumatra Province (Sumbar) Muhammad Fajri said that his party provided assistance to Batik MSMEs in Bukittinggi City called ‘Kampoeng Batik Sarumba Bukittinggi City’.

It is known that the aid was provided on Jalan Bagindo Aziz Chan, Bukit Cangang Kayu Ramang, Guguk Panjang District, Bukit Tinggi City, West Sumatra Province. In total, there are dozens of residents and also batik MSME players who have received assistance from volunteers supporting Ganjar Pranowo.

Of course, there is no reason why this assistance was provided. The reason is, they admit that this is a real form and manifestation of how caring the OMG ranks in West Sumatra are who always strive to provide support for the improvement of MSME players. Moreover, it turns out that this batik group was born from an individual.

Muhammad Fajri as Regional Coordinator for Young People Ganjar (OMG) in West Sumatra Province admitted that he and his party were very inspired by the leadership figure of the man identified with white hair. The reason is that he believes that this figure really cared about the condition of MSME players when he was still leading the Province of Central Java (Central Java) as Governor for 2 (two) periods or ten years.

Great hopes are placed on the leader who was born in Karanganyar Regency for all his good programs, especially those which really support MSME actors, so that they can continue to be implemented and expanded on a national scale when the cadre from the Political Party (Parpol) led by Megawati Soekarnoputri becomes President. Republic of Indonesia (RI) in 2024.

There is absolutely no need to doubt the concern that Ganjar Pranowo has for the entire community and its people, including how much concern he has for the Micro, Small and Medium Business groups in Central Java.

There is a lot of concrete evidence of what kind of concrete action was carried out by the 54 year old leader when he went directly into small communities, saw and observed and then immediately gave the community a very wide space to be able to further build and develop their businesses. .

On the same occasion, the representative from the Kampoeng Batik Sarumba Bukittinggi group, Ridwan, expressed his gratitude to the ranks of volunteers who are members of Orang Muda Ganjar (OMG) in West Sumatra Province for providing assistance to the community.

Residents in West Sumatra immediately prayed that all activities carried out by OMG would run smoothly in the future, and the people in Tanah Minang also really hoped and wanted Ganjar Pranowo to become the President of the Republic of Indonesia in the future.

Meanwhile, similar activities were also carried out by volunteers supporting the Presidential Candidates (Capres) from the patai with the bull logo with a white snout. It is known that they came from various groups, from young people to mothers.

They are members of the Mak Ganjar Volunteers in West Sumatra Province who also strive to continue to provide many benefits in every activity they hold, especially for women or mothers in Tanah Minang.

For information, sympathizers of the nation’s future leader invited mothers on Jalan Sapek Raya Kampung Jambak, Batipuh Panjang Village, Koto Tengah District, Padang, West Sumatra to continue working through knitting training.

Regarding the knitting training, Regional Coordinator (Korwil) Mak Ganjar in West Sumatra, Ulfa Yulida, said that the training was indeed a form of very strong commitment from her party in continuing to encourage the equalization of women’s roles in the economic sector.

Therefore, with all the contributions made by volunteers supporting Ganjar Pranowo who never tire of being involved directly in the community down to the grass roots in bringing a lot of benefits and at the same time socializing the figure of the PDI Perjuangan Presidential Candidate, the people of West Sumatra then gave very high appreciation.

)* The author is a contributor to the Bukittinggi Literacy Forum

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