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The Community Calls for the Arrest of Rocky Gerung


By: Ananda Putri Aisyah )*

A number of elements of society have created a movement, in which they are very united to call for the arrest and strict action as well as legal processing of the figure of Rocky Gerung, who has insulted the Head of State.

The head of Barricade 98 who is also a volunteer supporter of President Joko Widodo (Jokowi), Benny Ramdhani revealed that as many as 10 (ten) thousand volunteers planned to hold demonstrations. The demonstration will be held on August 10, 2023, with the aim of demanding that political observer Rocky Gerung, who is believed to have insulted the head of state, be arrested.

Until now, all the preparations and also the consolidation to hold the big action which will be held simultaneously in these various areas, including in the Special Capital Region (DKI) Jakarta have been carried out. The demands that became the substance of them conveyed, namely by using a national movement to create a deterrent effect and how to emphasize the importance of fair law enforcement, including this philosopher.

How the response from the many people who were furious and criticized very loudly through various kinds of actions of refusal to sue Rocky Gerung was the long-term impact of his expressions which used inappropriate diction, in which he once said that President Jokowi used the words ‘bastards and idiots’.

It is clear that with the expression or diction uttered by Rocky Gerung when conveying an opinion and mentioning the name of the Head of State, it suddenly became a subject of heated debate in the community so that it has the potential to create uproar or riots in the public.

Seeing Rocky Gerung’s own actions through his various digital footprints, he is indeed a figure who often carries out attacks using very harsh criticism of the government in the era of President Jokowi’s leadership. But at this time, the expression used by Rocky was considered by many to be an expression that was outrageous and did not even show civility in communication.

So, it’s not surprising that so far the attitude of President Jokowi’s volunteers has been very patient not to immediately take hasty action against Rocky. But not this time, when he uttered a sentence which was very inappropriate and demeaning the dignity of the Head of State, the whole group of volunteers immediately became furious.

Benny also continued that what Rocky Gerung had done this time had really sparked anger from the people and made more noise or heated up the atmosphere in the country. Precisely because they highly uphold and respect the upholding of democratic principles in Indonesia, they then chose to make a report to the political observer.

Furthermore, there are also not a few opinions that judge that it turns out that the man who has taught as a lecturer at the University of Indonesia (UI) for 15 years is in fact completely unable to distinguish which is called criticism and which is also categorized as a blasphemy that demeans degree of the other.

Rocky Gerung was considered to be still unconscious and unable to understand or differentiate between criticism and blasphemousness, so Jokowi’s volunteers gave a report to him and at the same time aimed to make him aware that what he had done was an act that was wrong and could not be justified by values ​​and beliefs. the norm in this nation.

President Jokowi’s volunteer party also firmly believes that with the many reports from various parties also to the name of the philosopher for a similar case, it means to show that indeed he cannot be considered right at all because even if seen from many points of view, the statement is clearly very insult. So that the optimism of Jokowi’s volunteers that the philosopher will soon be prosecuted.

Besides that, it turns out that with the plan to hold an action for taste in order to strongly condemn the actions that have been carried out by Rocky Gerung as well as urging the police to immediately process the law against Rocky, all of this was purely the initiative of the nation’s own children.

The existence of the initiative of the nation’s children, this shows that indeed all elements of society in Indonesia absolutely do not want and are not willing when the leader they choose and is still holding office officially today, namely President Jokowi is humiliated and humiliated by any party including Rocky. Gerung. For this reason, it is not surprising why many people immediately called for and strongly pushed for Rocky Gerung to be arrested immediately.

)* The author is a contributor to Daris Pustaka

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