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The International Survey Institute Releases Latest Data, Ganjar’s Electability Continues to Lead Significantly


JAKARTA — The international survey agency, Ipsos Public Affairs, has released their latest data which shows that the electability of Ganjar Pranowo continues to lead even significantly.

It is known that Ipsos conducted a survey of the names of three presidential candidates who will compete in the 2024 presidential election.

This research was conducted from 22 to 27 August 2023 in 24 provinces in the country with a total of 1,200 respondents.

Then they carried out a multistage random sampling method which has a margin of error of around 2.83 percent with a confidence level of up to 95 percent.

As for the results of the survey, the electoral figure from Ganjar Pranowo was the highest, namely at 40.12 percent.

Ipsos Public Affairs Senior Researcher, Arif Nurul Imam, explained that there had indeed been a significant increase in the electability of the PDI-P presidential candidate.

“This time, Ganjar Pranowo’s survey rebounded. For Anies there was a decline, for Ganjar there was a significant jump, Prabowo went up but slightly,” he said.

Meanwhile, a survey from Kompas Research and Development also showed that the electability of the white-haired leader among voters with an NU background was also the highest, namely 25.6 percent.

Then, if we narrow it down further, 37.1 percent of NU voters from East Java admitted that they had chosen Ganjar Pranowo.

When viewed from the total number of East Java voters, the leader who was born in Karanganyar Regency managed to gain up to 33.5 percent, surpassing all other candidates.

This is of course because Ganjar Pranowo himself has a special closeness to the NU Kyai.

Even during his retirement as governor in Central Java, as many as hundreds of NU Kyai, including the founder of the Islamic organization, prayed for the 54-year-old leader.

Chairman of the Al Tsawab Dhikr Council, KH Muhammadun Sya’roni or Gus Mun, said that their arrival was aimed at releasing Ganjar from retirement.

Not only that, but the Kyai also made istighosah and also prayed together so that their leader would continue to be covered in health and success after serving as governor.

“Tonight we have come to release Pak Ganjar who will retire as Governor of Central Java,” said Gus Mun.

“This (event) is part of a farewell and joint prayer for Mr. Ganjar’s success. Earlier it was led by Gus Muiz, his great-grandson KH Bisri Syansuri,” he said.

Previously, hundreds of residents flocked to the official residence of the Governor of Central Java, Ganjar Pranowo, from street sweepers, farmers, stunting cadres to artists.

They expressed their gratitude for the man’s leadership for two periods, assessing that now Central Java is growing better.

“We deliberately brought the best produce, especially for Pak Ganjar today, as an expression of our love and our gratitude,” said a farmer.

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