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The Political Situation is Still Conducive, Needs to Be Maintained


Jakarta – The current political situation is still considered conducive. Sharp clashes between political groups such as occurred in previous elections are not visible at this time.

“Through observation, it should be appreciated that the political year this time is relatively much more conducive, where contradictions such as those that occurred in the last election were not manifested,” said observer on strategic and global issues Prof. Ambassador Imron Cotan, in the Moya Institute’s national webinar titled ” Reading the Victory of Three Popular Presidential Candidates”, Friday (23/6/2023).

Imron also said that the names of the popular presidential candidates recently were the best sons of Indonesia. So far there are three “leading candidates” in the contest to become the next President of the Republic of Indonesia, namely: Ganjar Pranowo (PDIP, PPP, PSI); Prabowo Subianto (Gerindra); and Anies Baswedan (Nasdem, PD, PKS).

“The three presidential candidates have the opportunity to be elected,” he said. The most important thing, according to him, is that the public must be observant to see who is a candidate who has the ability to foster a sense of nationalism and gather all elements and strengths of the nation towards Golden Indonesia 2024, as initiated by President Jokowi. “So that he will be able to bring Indonesia out as a winner from the current difficult times into the future,” said the former Indonesian Ambassador to China and Australia.

Professor of Law at the Muhammadiyah University of Surakarta, Prof. Aidul Fitriaciada Azhari, said that the elected Indonesian president is expected to have two superior capacities, namely being able to maintain unity and unity and develop the country. “Those two will continue to sustain the country. Because no matter how great the leader is, if it is not supported by a strong lower layer, it will be difficult to achieve the goals of the state set out by our constitution,” said Aidul.

Aidul also said that the nature of the presidential election was to choose a presidential candidate (election), not to select (selection). “It is the nature of a presidential candidate to be elected and not selected. If selected, then through a criterion test, who is the person who is suitable in character to lead something. Meanwhile, election means being elected, there is a condition for being elected, namely broad acceptance from the public,” Aidul added.

Reform politician Fahri Hamzah said that the electoral system should provide the widest possible forum for political parties to convey differences and similarities, so that it can become the foundation for future coalitions or oppositions. According to Fahri, critical thinking is still needed regarding the mechanisms and rules of the game for the election stages, in order to produce an ideal presidential candidate.

SMRC Executive Director Sirojudin Abbas is of the view that the political situation ahead of the 2024 General Election and Presidential Election is relatively more complex. “It seems that political negotiations tend to run fast and the grouping also has the potential to change. Even recently, a new political grouping has appeared,” said Sirojudin.

Sirojudin added that the coalition was “fluid” because it was influenced by the attention of political parties to geo-politics and geo-economics, so it seemed to be careful to be in line with the battle map. Reflecting on the results of the surveys so far the “leading candidates” are still held by Ganjar Pranowo, who is sometimes followed by Prabowo Subianto with results still within the “margin of error”. Meanwhile, presidential candidate Anis Baswedan is “trailing” behind with a margin of around 10 percent, concluded Sirojudin.

Moya Institute Executive Director Hery Sucipto explained, the public only hopes that whoever is elected from the three popular presidential candidates is now the nation’s best son who has the potential to make a major contribution to Indonesia’s progress.

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