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The Role of Youth in Countering Radicalism and Intolerance to Realize Peaceful Elections


It is hoped that the 2024 general election (Pemilu) will take place peacefully and smoothly. One of the factors that could disrupt the election is radicalism and intolerance. Therefore, young people are encouraged to realize peaceful elections, by countering radical and intolerant ideas.

The election will be held in 2024 but it is mandatory to prepare now, so that it will run well. The government, KPU and all other parties are committed to making the 2024 elections successful in a peaceful and terror-free manner. Security is increasingly tightened so that this once every 5 years event runs smoothly without any threat of radicalism.

To prevent radical and intolerant ideas, young people are expected to play an active role in countering them. The Bengkulu Provincial Government (Pemprov) through the Bengkulu Terrorism Prevention Coordination Forum (FKPT) together with Forkopimda and TNI-Polri elements in the Bengkulu jurisdiction, until now has continued to take strategic steps in counteracting all forms of radicalism and terrorism in the midst of people’s lives.

One of these strategic steps is to carry out the Bengkulu Province Youth Assembly which carries the theme “Indonesia Harmony Towards Golden Indonesia”. This activity presented speakers from the National Counterterrorism Agency (BNPT) and was held in Building C, Bengkulu University.

The Deputy for Prevention, Protection and Deradicalization of the BNPT, Maj. Gen. Nisan Setiadi said, by presenting more than 500 youths from various universities and high schools in Bengkulu, he hoped that these youths could become “agents of change”, in fighting radicalism and terrorism, especially in Bengkulu.

Nisan Setiadi added that his party invites youths to jointly fight against the notion of violence or radicalism which is already evident in society. In fact, this understanding of radicalism and terrorism threatens the unity of the nation and state.

In a sense, young people play an important role in realizing peaceful elections by counteracting radical and intolerant views in Indonesia. Don’t let them become intolerant because they are consumed by incitement that is deliberately spread by members of radical groups. When there is intolerance, the Indonesian people become conflicted and peaceful elections fail to materialize.

Young people must try hard to make various efforts so that intolerance does not take root. What’s more, it relates to a political year which could have been colored by intolerance practices.

Members of radical groups are currently also spread out in cyberspace and deliberately create special sites and accounts on social media. Their goal is to spread radicalism, terrorism and thwart the 2024 elections.

With the intelligence and mastery of technology possessed by young people, they can prevent radicalism in cyberspace. The way to do this is by reporting if there is content containing radicalism and intolerance. The report will be received by the social media management and can be deleted, so it will not affect other netizens and poison their minds.

Then, the youth also held outreach so that friends, neighbors and the surrounding environment were not fooled by radical content. They provide education on the characteristics of hoax and propaganda content created by radical groups. In this way, more people will avoid exposure to radicalism in cyberspace.

Meanwhile, religious leader H. Jamzuri appealed to young people not to be influenced by radical ideas because not only could they threaten the life of the nation and state but could also damage home life and the future of young people. Moreover, the spread of radicalism targets young people.

Young people should be aware of the dangers of radicalism and intolerance. When there is an understanding of radicalism that spreads, people are influenced and then skeptical of the election. As a result, this program is threatened with failure due to the high level of abstentions (white groups).

To prevent radicalism from spreading ahead of the election, the Ministry of Religion (Kemenag) already has several strategies. Firstly by forming an Anti-Radicalism and Anti-Drug Cyber ​​Team, secondly by reviewing activities/programs that are not priorities and replacing them with anti-radicalism activities.

Third, it is mandatory to carry out socialization of polite religious teachings, mutual respect, mutual respect, peace, tolerance, and living in harmony. Meanwhile, the last program is to accept diversity and diversity, have a sense of love for the country and defend the country.

In these ways, it will counteract radicalism that is spreading ahead of the 2024 Election. Youth are encouraged to put into practice the programs created by the Ministry of Religion and voice anti-radicalism, terrorism and intolerance movements. If everything is applied in society, we are optimistic that a peaceful 2024 election will be realized.

Youth as agents of change play an active role in making the 2024 elections peaceful and smooth. The way to do this is to ward off radical, terrorist and intolerant ideas, because they can destroy the election. With the help of young people, we are optimistic that the 2024 elections will run without any problems.

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