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The SMRC Survey Shows the Highest Popularity of Ganjar as the 2024 Presidential Candidate


Jakarta — A survey from the SMRC shows that the electability rate, the level of people’s liking to how Ganjar Pranowo’s popularity continues to be the highest and outperforms all names as the 2024 presidential candidate.

The Saiful Mujani Research and Consulting Survey Institute (SMRC) has released the results of a recent survey they conducted regarding the electability of the presidential candidates (Bacapres) for the upcoming 2024 elections.

It is known that the survey was conducted in the period from 30 to 31 May 2023, which used sample selection using the random digit dialing (RDD) method.

By using the RDD technique, a sample of 909 respondents was selected by telephone number at random.

Regarding the survey conducted, SMRC Research Director, Deni Irvani stated that respondents were asked which figure they would vote for if, for example, the Presidential Election were held today.

Then, the results of the survey with the simulation of the three closed names, namely Ganjar Pranowo, became the most superior name with an electability of up to 37.9 percent.

Meanwhile, in second place is the name Prabowo Subianto with an electability rate of 33.5 percent, followed by Anies Baswedan who only has an electoral score of 19.2 percent.

“The interviewer only mentioned three names. There are still 9.4 percent of residents who still do not state their choice. Ganjar 37.9 percent, then Prabowo 33.5 percent, and Anies 19.2 percent,” said Deni.

There is also another survey conducted by the SMRC Research Institute, namely to measure the level of likeability or the level of people’s preference for three names of well-known political figures among critical voters of the country.

It turns out that in a survey regarding the level of preference, the name of the presidential candidate from the PDI Perjuangan, Ganjar Pranowo, is still the most liked by the people.

Deni Irvani said that critical voters themselves really liked the Governor of Central Java, even with the figure reaching 82 percent.

“Among critical voters, the likeability rate for Ganjar Pranowo is 82 percent, Prabowo Subianto is 80 percent, and Anies Baswedan is 68 percent,” he said.

Furthermore, still in the results of a survey conducted by SMRC, it shows that the popularity of the man who is identical with white hair also gets the highest score.

Ganjar Pranowo gets a figure of 42.2 percent related to the level of popularity he has, followed by Prabowo and then Anies.

“In the group of voters who know all three, Ganjar gets 42.2% support, significantly superior to Prabowo 32.1%, and Anies 17.4%. Those who don’t know are 8.3%,” said the SMRC Research Director.

Of course, with the result that the name of the PDIP cadre is still popular among the people, then of course according to the SMRC it is expected that his name will continue to increase his electability, especially since this level of popularity continues to rise.

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