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The Strength of Santri Can Prevent Intolerance in Society Ahead of the 2024 Election


By: Haikal Fathan Akbar)

The strength of the Islamic boarding school students is indeed very capable of being able to prevent the potential or possibility of widespread intolerance that will hinder the implementation of the 2024 General Election as it is now.

When viewed from an Islamic perspective, tolerance is contained in the concept of tasammuh, which means accepting and respecting differences. So you don’t be hostile or deny it if there are differences, but that doesn’t mean you have to follow the existing differences, but it’s enough just to respect each other and respect each other if there are differences, because following and respecting clearly have different meanings.

However, as the current era develops, it seems that tolerance is often neglected in everyday life in society, especially when approaching the momentum for the implementation of democratic parties and political contestation such as the General Election which will be held in 2024.

Primarily, for radicals who have often and continue to be one of the biggest culprits behind the increasing spread of various cases of intolerance in Indonesia. It is important to know that radicalism originates from the character of each person.

In fact, radical attitudes and traits are never taught in any religion, including Islam. Because, historically, Islam is a religion that really teaches high feelings and attitudes of tolerance, as was exemplified directly by the Prophet Muhammad SAW.

Then, one of the roles that has become a necessity for Islamic boarding school students is to be able to try to reduce violence from radicals. Of course, because the students continue to uphold all the teachings conveyed by the Prophet Muhammad SAW, the students themselves are required to always and be able to carry out the teachings and tolerant attitudes of the prophet.

It is hoped that the figure of the santri as a pure manifestation of the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad SAW will be able to continue to disseminate the full message and teachings of tolerance or tolerance throughout all circles and elements of society in Indonesia to combat radicalism.

Head of the ASE Division of the Information Commission in West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) Province, Suaebn Qury, invited all Islamic boarding school students to continue to be able to prevent the spread of understanding and teachings of intolerance today, especially through digital spaces and social media.

As we get closer and closer to the implementation of the 2024 General Election like now, there will always be various irresponsible parties who will emerge just to spread their many beliefs and influence the wider community to participate in radical teachings and intolerance.

From the embryos possessed by these students, the Indonesian people are actually able to color diversity with full values ​​of tolerance. An attitude of tolerance itself will be very necessary and very important to continue to be realized by people from all circles and elements in order to carry out and face all the processes of implementing the 2024 Election.

The community must be able to be the front guard to be able to create a democratic party and political contestation that is full of peace and also continues to uphold the value of tolerance. The idea of ​​peaceful elections must continue to be intensified in the current era of technological progress, amidst the large number of hate speech and intolerant messages that are developing on social media.

Meanwhile, to make this happen, a joint prayer event was held at the Grand Reunion of Al Awwabin Islamic Boarding School Alumni and Students at the Golden Dome Mosque, Limo, Depok. Chairman of the organizing committee for the event, Mujayied, said that it was hoped that the joint prayer would be able to give rise to many ideas aimed at further advancing the nation.

The ulama and also the Islamic boarding school students and alumni also prayed for the country to remain conducive, remembering that soon the Indonesian nation will soon hold a big event, namely the 2024 Election. Therefore, prayers should never stop for the good of the nation and also for the good of there will be a national event that will soon be held.

With this joint prayer, the students hope that this country will be able to continue in a conducive and safe condition, even that whoever is elected will continue to be fully supported and also that this nation will become a nation that is good at being grateful.

Ahead of the implementation of the democratic party and political contestation in the upcoming 2024 General Election, all elements of society are obliged to continue to prevent the development of attitudes and traits of intolerance which irresponsible parties continue to try to intensify. The strength of santri in this regard is something that is very important to continue to support, because santri are considered capable of continuing to provide good impacts and teachings in society to fight intolerance.

)* The author is a Vimedia Pratama Institute Contributor

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