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Thousands of Majalengka Regency People Support Ganjar to Become President in 2024


MAJALENGKA — Support for the presidential candidate from the PDI Perjuangan, Ganjar Pranowo, continues to flow from various elements of society. One of them came from the community in Majalengka Regency. A number of reasons became their impetus, so that they fully support Ganjar Pranowo to become President in 2024.

It is known that the Volunteers of the Network for President Ganjar are intensifying their agenda to continue to introduce this leader who is identical with white hair through cultural arts parades and healthy walks.

The initiator of the activity, Maruarar Sirait, revealed that the series of agendas were not only for entertainment, but had a very deep philosophy for the interests of the nation.

His party continues to prioritize art and culture which is the character of the nation, then there is also a symbol that so that Indonesia’s future leaders will be able to make healthy decisions, so healthy walks are held.

“We prioritize art and culture, because that is the character of the Indonesian nation. Then we also did gymnastics, so we are healthy. So that Mas Ganjar will also have a healthy soul, so that later when making decisions for the country he will also be healthy,” said Maruarar.

Furthermore, in socializing the figure of Ganjar Pranowo to the wider community, of course, his party will not use negative campaigns because it will divide the nation.

Therefore, they will also continue to practice campaigning and politics with heart.

“Mas Ganjar, Mbak Mega always convey politics with a heart, unite with the people and also convey the truth, not slander,” said the PDIP politician.

Meanwhile, a volunteer organization named Ganjaran Kita Tengerang Raya has also made a declaration of their support for Ganjar Pranowo and has even targeted to win in Banten and West Java provinces.

According to the Advisor of Ganjaran Kita Tangerang Raya, Bambang Sukianto, the reason they gave full support to the PDI Perjuangan cadres was because Ganjar Pranowo was considered a clean person and not an emotional person but still firm.

“Why did we form Ganjar volunteers. We know that Mr. Ganjar is clean, he likes sports. Healthy body, healthy soul. His family is harmonious, and he is firm, but not emotional,” said Bambang.

The volunteers will later target victory for Ganjar Pranowo in various places including the Banten area, West Java, to other provinces in the country.

“That we exist and we can win Mr. Ganjar in Banten. Not only in Central Java, East Java, Bali, then NTT, but West Java and also Banten, which is still low, we can win it,” he said.

They also admitted that they preferred the figure of Ganjar because they did not want to return to Indonesia’s authoritarian leadership at all and considered the 54-year-old man to be very humble.

“Why did we choose Mr. Ganjar, because we don’t want the past to come back. We already feel, 32 years past. Then also during the DKI election, we don’t want it to happen again,” concluded Bambang.

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