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Together Against Radicalism Ahead of the 2024 Election


Ahead of the 2024 elections, the public is wary of increasing radicalism. Therefore, the Indonesian people are urged to cooperate with the apparatus in the context of the mission to eradicate radicalism and terrorism. Then, radicalism also grows on social media, so you have to watch out for that.

Election is a grand event that is held every 5 years and the people are waiting for it with enthusiasm, because they want to get a new leader candidate. Since the reform era, the Indonesian people have been freed to choose their own presidential candidate. Elections are a moment to uphold democracy and advance Indonesia for years to come.

Ahead of the election campaign period, the public is urged to be more careful because there is a potential for increased attacks from radical and terrorist groups. Socialization is carried out to ward off radicalism. The National Unity and Politics Agency (Bakesbangpol) of Tulungagung Regency, held a Socialization on Vigilance Guidance and Early Detection of Anti-Radicalism Ahead of the 2024 Election.

Head of Bakesbangpol Tulungagung Regency Bambang Priono stated that the socialization activities were intended to improve coordination, synergy and cooperation in counteracting radicalism, extremism, based on violence which leads to acts of terrorism, as well as mapping potential social conflicts and social and political vulnerabilities ahead of the 2024 simultaneous elections .

The purpose of this outreach is to identify and detect early and early prevention potential threats of radicalism, extremism and terrorism, as well as increase understanding of the follow-up to Presidential Decree 7 of 2021, regarding the national action plan for prevention and control of violent extremism that leads to terrorism in 2010. 2020-2024.

Another objective of socialization is to map potential conflicts, social and political vulnerabilities as well as strategies to create a safe, comfortable and conducive situation in the Tulungagung Regency area.

In a sense, socialization is done to prevent attacks from radical groups and terrorists. The public needs to be educated about the characteristics of radical groups. They have spread among the people. Therefore there needs to be socialization so that when there is a suspicious movement it can be immediately reported to the security forces.

The public is expected to take an active part in counteracting radicalism because this movement has the potential to thwart elections. Radical and terrorist groups regard the government as an enemy and do not like government programs, including elections. Therefore they are trying to spoil the election by planning attacks or bombings.

Meanwhile, Head of the Tulungagung Police Headquarters Binmas AKP Hery Poerwanto, SH said awareness dissemination of the ideology of radicalism over the 2024 General Election was carried out in order to provide awareness to socialization participants regarding the rational context of terrorism regarding the implementation of the 2024 Election. This activity was an effort to build personal to prevent and fortify themselves from influence of radicalism.

Currently, the notion of radicalism and separatism is widely exhaled by certain groups through various elements. The goal is to change someone’s understanding to be radical. Therefore socialization needs to be held in other places, not only in East Java but also throughout Indonesia. With this education, people will understand more about the dangers of radicalism and terrorism.

Meanwhile, there is synergy from the government and all elements of society, including religious, community, traditional and youth leaders to continue to play an active role in preventing the spread of radicalism. The Minister of Communication and Informatics (Menkominfo) Budi Arie Setiadi stated that his party was ready to counteract hoax content to radicalism in the digital space ahead of the 2024 simultaneous General Elections.

Minister Budie continued, efforts to prevent hoax content were taken by the Ministry of Communication and Information to ensure productive and healthy elections for the people of Indonesia. His party will hold discussions with many parties to discuss which ones are hoaxes, which ones contain radicalism narratives.

He is also committed to preparing cross-ministry and agency coordination so that negatively charged content does not destroy peace in the digital space ahead of the democratic party in 2024. One of them is for handling radicalism content, Budi is preparing coordination and discussions with the Ministry of Religion.

The essence of holding elections is to unite fellow citizens and contribute to improving the quality of democracy. Therefore, the government invites the public to take part and play a role in maintaining a safe and healthy digital space by sharing positive content.

On the other hand, people should not believe the hoaxes and propaganda circulating on social media. Social media is deliberately used by radical groups, as a place to popularize both radicalism and intolerance.

Radical groups understand that Indonesian netizens like to open social media every day. When you open a social media account, the brain is in a relaxed state so it is easily influenced. Therefore, people are urged to be careful on social media and not easily believe content.

The public is advised not to believe in hoaxes and propaganda circulating on social media because most of them are made by members of radical groups. Then, they are also obliged to participate in socialization so that they understand the dangers of radicalism and terrorism. If there is anything suspicious, it can be quickly reported to the security forces for follow-up.

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