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Together Create a Safe and Comfortable Condition in the 2024 Election


By: Clara Diah Wulandari )*

Safe and comfortable General Elections (Elections) are things that must be realized for the advancement of democracy in Indonesia. Differences in choice are a necessity when elections take place, so it is very likely that frictions will arise which will make the atmosphere even more heated. For this reason, a joint commitment is needed to maintain security and comfort in the implementation of the 2024 elections.

In an effort to create security and comfort in the 2024 elections, the General Election Commission (KPU) of Central Java Province signed an agreement on securing the implementation of the 2024 elections together with the Central Java Regional Police which took place in Semarang. The signing was carried out in order to create a safe and comfortable atmosphere during the 2024 simultaneous elections.

         Please note, that on February 14 2024, there will be a Presidential Election (Pilpres) and Legislative Elections. Then on February 27, 2024 there will be gubernatorial elections in 37 provinces. In addition, there are also elections for regents and mayors.

         Paulus Widiyantoro as Chair of the Central Java KPU said that the signing of the cooperation with the Central Java Regional Police was an important thing to do. His party admitted that the KPU needed support from various parties, especially the Central Java Police for security at all stages of the election.

         In addition, the signing, which was carried out between the KPU, Bawaslu and the Central Java Regional Police in the context of securing the Election, was the first form of signing at the provincial level.

         With this cooperation, his party hopes that the implementation of the general election which will be held soon can run smoothly, safely and under control.

         On the same occasion, Inspector General of Police Ahmad Luthfi said that his party was ready to assist the election process by providing security throughout the implementation of the 2024 simultaneous elections. He said that as security for election implementers, of course, his party must try to ensure that the police are able to manage conflicts so as not to divide unity. and unity, both verbal and destructive.

         Ahmad Lutfi also emphasized the importance of involving all elements of security as a measure to anticipate and prevent conflicts in elections. Later election security will also be jointly carried out with the TNI and Polri in accordance with the President’s directives.

         No matter how small the conflict that arises during the General Election, of course it must be handled properly, quickly and resolved. Apart from that, Ahmad Lutfi said that security would be carried out not only during the distribution, but also during the recapitulation of the vote results. This is certainly not easy, especially since this election has a long duration.

         On a different occasion, the Governor of Central Java, Ganjar Pranowo hopes that the 2024 elections can run smoothly. He also stressed that this democratic party could be felt by all people with the principle of fairness. He also asked all stakeholders to finalize preparations for the 2024 elections in Central Java. Starting from the KPU, Bawaslu to the Central Java Regional Police.

         Meanwhile, the President of the Republic of Indonesia (RI) Ir. Joko Widodo (Jokowi) emphasized to all levels of the security apparatus to always be on standby to maintain security during the simultaneous regional elections.

         His party also gave instructions to security forces not to act like firefighters. Map areas prone to security disturbances. Take anticipatory steps so that security disturbances in the Pilkada can be prevented.

         Jokowi also asked the Heads of Intelligence Services in the regions to carry out early detection and early prevention of any potential conflicts during the Simultaneous Pilkada period.

         To the ranks of the KPU, Bawaslu and Panwaslu, the former Governor of DKI Jakarta also requested that people’s political rights be properly guaranteed. Coordinate continuously with security forces and the regional government so that the 2024 Election can run safely and smoothly, especially in compiling the final voter list, campaigning, preparing logistical distribution, securing the voting process and after voting.

         President Jokowi also gave instructions to the TNI and Polri apparatus to always be independent and neutral in the whole process of holding the Simultaneous Regional Elections.

         The 2024 election is actually not only in the interests of the committee or political contestants, but also in the interests of the nation to continue democracy in Indonesia.

         The contestants, both legislative and executive candidates, are expected to be able to demonstrate healthy competition. If you win the election you are not happy, then vice versa if you lose the match you also don’t need to invite your sympathizers to commit acts of anarchy.

         There is no need to carry out a black campaign to bring down opponents, because the truth is that people have a conscience to choose a candidate according to what they expect.

         The community should also participate actively in participating as voters to exercise their right to vote. As well as daring to refuse if there are politicians or activists who carry out money politics.

         The feeling of security and comfort in the 2024 Election is not only the task of the security forces or the KPU, but more than that, the comfort and security of the Election can be realized thanks to the synergy of all elements of society to create a safe and comfortable Election.

)* The author is a contributor to Nusantara Reading Room 

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