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Utilize Social Media To Realize Peaceful Elections


Jakarta — The use of social media must be really wise. This will greatly affect the creation of peaceful and conducive election conditions in Indonesia because there are no longer too many rumors or hoax news being spread.

The democratic party of the general election ( Election ) will soon be coming in 2024 in Indonesia. There is indeed a lot of hope that accompanies it and there is also a sense of optimism from the whole community so that the election can run in full peace and conduciveness.

It cannot be denied that maintaining peaceful elections is indeed an obligation and a necessity that all elements of the people of the country have. Regarding this matter, the Minister of Communication and Informatics (Menkominfo), Johnny G Plate stated that one of the most crucial things to continue to maintain the conduciveness and peace of the election is not to spread hoaxes.

In fact, he asked the whole community to get used to and cultivate information verification before accepting and agreeing to news or all kinds of information circulating on social media and on the internet. He emphasized that all parties must play an active role in avoiding and fighting hoaxes.

Not only that, but the Minister of Communication and Informatics also invites all elements of Indonesian society to be able to celebrate the democratic party with a full sense of pride for the nation and state . He appealed that the people of the country should follow cultural orations about how to remain polite, especially when using social media to support peaceful elections .

Therefore, Johnny G Plate also invites all elements of society to be able to increase digital literacy in a good way, especially when entering a political year like today. The reason is, it cannot be denied that one culture in an area may not be suitable at all if it is implemented in other areas. Therefore in social media must be full of caution.

According to him , the existence of a democratic party, namely the 2024 Election , should really be celebrated with a very peaceful and cool atmosphere, happy and happy. Do not let the essence of the word ‘party’ there only be used as a tool to create a certain conflict between groups by spreading slander and hoaxes.

Social media, especially nowadays, has a very important role in the implementation of democracy in Indonesia. For this reason, social media managers must be really wise when using the means in cyberspace so they don’t get trapped or even easily spread fake news.

Regarding this matter, the Secretary of the Pacitan Communication and Informatics Service, Eno Spith Mudumi stated that the presence of social media is indeed very capable of providing space without any restrictions for its users to express. In fact, freedom of expression on social media is a concrete manifestation that Indonesia adheres to democratic values.

Not only for expression in daily activities, but not a few among the public, who use several aspects of social media to express their opinions, ranging from conveying people’s aspirations in the political sphere, personal ideas to criticizing as a means of social control over how people perform. current government.

In fact, these facts are a form of the positive contribution of netizens to democratization in Indonesia . Even so, it turns out that on the other hand there are still many gaps in the internet which are also often used by hoax spreaders.

For this reason, according to Eno, the most important thing is how to appear wise in filtering all types of information and news on social media or the internet before it is accepted, especially for the benefit of continuing or sharing it with other social media partners, so that the chain of spreading hoaxes does not continue to occur.

With a wiser attitude and also having a filter when dealing with news on social media, then the chain of hoax distribution in society will be resolved because there are fewer and fewer people spreading hoax information and also fewer people who believe too easily in anything. those on social media.

Talking about the 2024 Election , precisely how to boost the role of social media in the success of all stages of the 2024 Election . This is because the media should not only be disseminating information, but must also be able to become an educational tool and refute hoaxes that are spread in society so that The election took place peacefully.

Creating an atmosphere full of peace in the election democratic party is an obligation that belongs to all Indonesian people, because this country adheres to the principles of democracy. For this reason, one of the efforts, especially in this sophisticated era, is to use social media more wisely to realize these peaceful

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