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Volunteers and Religious Leaders Hold Joint Prayers for Ganjar’s Victory in the 2024 Presidential Election


JAKARTA – Volunteers and religious leaders held a joint prayer for Ganjar Pranowo’s victory as a presidential candidate (bacapres) in the upcoming 2024 presidential election.

The Regional Representative Council for the Friends of Ganjar Region, Karawang Regency, held a joint prayer entitled ‘Syahdukan Hati, Unite Prayer Together’ to support Ganjar Pranowo in the upcoming 2024 presidential election.

The event was held at the Attarbiyyah Islamic Boarding School, Ciwulan Village, Tegalsari District, Karawang Regency on Friday (14/07/2023).

Volunteers and religious leaders also attended, such as the general chairman of Sahabat Ganjar, Gus Nahib Shodiq, the Advisory Board of Sahabat Ganjar, Habib Syarif Razie, and Habib Ahmad Alaydrus.

Not only holding a joint prayer, Hadroh Saung Berkah Nusantara Cikampek also filled the event by reciting a prayer on the stage which was greeted with joy by the students and the local community.

In fact, some of them waved flags that read ‘Ganjar Pranowo President 2024’.

KH. Nanang Baedarus Murtadita as the caretaker of the Attarbiyah Islamic Boarding School expressed his gratitude for the presence and hospitality of Sahabat Ganjar to the Islamic boarding school.

Seeing the Governor of Central Java as a religious figure and close to the clergy, Nanang said that Ganjar was the right person to become Indonesia’s next leader.

“Alhamdulillah, we really welcome the arrival of Friends of Ganjar to the Attarbiyyah Islamic Boarding School to pray and pray together. The figure of Ganjar, God willing, is right to lead Indonesia,” he said.

The activity went smoothly, Yulan Megawati expressed her gratitude for being able to stay in touch with Habib’s figures in Karawang Regency.

“Syahdukan Hati, Uniting Prayer Together Supporting Ganjar Pranowo Towards Indonesia 2024 has been a success. We are also very grateful to be able to stay in touch with habib figures from Karawang Regency to pray for Ganjar to become President in 2024,” he said.

Meanwhile, on another occasion, the Chair of the DPP for Social Affairs and People’s Welfare of the Perindo Party, Yerry Tawalujan, considered that the white-haired leader was the most trusted presidential candidate to continue President Joko Widodo’s program.

“Ganjar’s concept is sustainable development based on the achievements made by President Jokowi. So don’t start from scratch again,” said Yerry.

The Bacapres carried by the PDI Perjuangan Party is also considered to be the personification of President Joko Widodo who is able to continue his programs. 

“The public can assess and justify that Ganjar Pranowo is like the personification of President Jokowi, Jokowi’s incarnation. Because, apart from coming from the same party, PDIP, Ganjar is very similar to Jokowi in terms of closeness to the people, hard work, assertiveness, and concern for the common people and has the same vision and concept of development as Jokowi,” continued Yerry.

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