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West Sumatra Santri Continue to Support Ganjar Pranowo in the 2024 Presidential Election


WEST SUMATRA – Santri in West Sumatra continue to support Ganjar Pranowo and carry out many positive outreach activities to the community. The Santri Support Ganjar (SDG) Regional Coordinator of West Sumatra carried out an activity to share packaged rice with users and drivers on Jalan Sultan Syahrir, South Padang District, Padang City.

This activity was also carried out to socialize the PDI Perjuangan presidential candidate as the nation’s future leader.

A resident named Arianto admitted that he really appreciated the positive activities carried out by SDG and also prayed that Ganjar Pranowo would be elected President in 2024.

“We as members of the community appreciate the SDG W Sumatra canvassing activity on Friday, hopefully it will be a good deed and hopefully Mr. H. Ganjar Pranowo will be elected President of Indonesia for the 2024-2029 period,” he hoped.

Then, hopes and prayers were also expressed by the Ulama and also religious leaders who continued to pray for Ganjar Pranowo’s success in the upcoming 2024 presidential election.

Elsewhere, at the Manaqib Qubro Jamiyyah Ahlith Tariqah event in Rembang, KH Dzikron Abdillah as Roin Jatman Central Java prayed for the Presidential Candidate from the PDI Perjuangan so that he can get success and achieve whatever his goals are.

“Hopefully Pak Ganjar will be successful, hopefully he will achieve his goals. Blessing,” he said.

So far, the figure of Ganjar Pranowo is indeed known as a leader who is close to religious leaders and when he is about to make a policy he also asks priests for guidance first.

During his two terms in leadership in Central Java, Ganjar always recited the Koran and received many lectures and suggestions to make policies for the benefit of the community.

“The result of me reciting the Koran with the cleric’s father, I made a policy for example Baznas, we did that and thank God it is now successful. If in Central Java only hundreds of millions of zakat, infaq and alms per month, now it can reach more than IDR 6 billion per month,” said Ganjar.

Previously in NTB, Tuan Guru Haji (TGH) Hazmi Hamzar even shed tears praying for the white-haired leader.

“We read Surah Al-Fatihah with the hope that Allah will make it easier and provide a way and spiritual and physical strength for Mr. Ganjar Pranowo,” he said.

“He, God willing, will become the President of the Republic of Indonesia, who will lead us and hundreds of millions of other Indonesians. Alfatihah,” said TGH Hazmi Hamzar.

“We ask that one of your servants who is present here, Mr. Ganjar Pranowo, be the person you are blessed to be the leader of the nation. He is the figure of our choice and hopefully. God has given him ease and help,” he said.

The clerics and other community leaders who attended Ganjar’s gathering at the NTB DPW PPP Office also agreed with the prayer very solemnly.

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