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Winning in West Java, Ganjar Pranowo Leads Possibility of Becoming President in 2024


WEST JAVA — Member of Commission I DPR RI, Maj. Gen. TNI (Purn) Tubagus Hasanuddin stated that all survey results show that Ganjar Pranowo continues to lead.

“According to the survey, in West Java, the leading (lead),” he said.

In fact, even though he has excelled, until now the initiative for voters for Ganjar Pranowo in West Java continues to be raised.

“We will campaign, we will convey it,” said Hasanuddin.

Of course, it is not without reason why the figure of the Governor of Central Java can have so many supporters from various regions in the country.

One of them, because he is known as a leader who is very close to the common people.

In fact, on one occasion, Ganjar Pranowo even agreed to stay at the house of a farmer in Mertasari Village, Purwanegara District, Banjarnegara Regency.

The farmer’s name is Ahmad Sumardi and admits that he is very happy and proud that the future leader of the nation wants to stay at his very simple house.

“I feel proud and very happy that I am a farmer, I don’t know anything, Mr. Ganjar, how come he wants to stay at my house, I feel proud, even though I am a small person, how come a governor wants to stay at my house,” he said.

For information, Ganjar Pranowo has a program titled ‘Coffee with the Governor’, which has been re-enacted after the COVID-19 pandemic.

The existence of this program is to make it easier for him to directly absorb all the aspirations of the villagers.

Furthermore, Sumardi also added that indeed the figure of Ganjar was a leader who was willing to listen to all the complaints from the common people.

It doesn’t end there, however, the PDI Perjuangan presidential candidate is also known as a good leader who is close to his citizens, as well as a figure who loves children.

“Yes, he had time to talk, and also carried my grandson. Yes, a photo with my grandson,” said the Banjarnegara farmer.

Meanwhile, Ganjar Pranowo himself admitted that the activities he did stayed at residents’ homes were indeed to be able to establish an approach so that he was able to overcome problems in society, especially alleviating extreme poverty.

For him, such activities can make him more aware and more sensitive to how problems are in society.

“While drinking coffee we followed up last night (Drinking Coffee with the Governor). We ask for data because now it’s technical and technocratic,” said Ganjar.

“Last night, we found a child who had only graduated from elementary school, we asked to be persuaded to go to school and at least graduate from high school. Usually, we ask for phone numbers one by one, we paste them until they are successful (the solution),” he said.

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