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Working Together to Realize Peace in the 2024 Election


By : Ananda Prameswari )*

In less than 2 years, Indonesia will hold general elections simultaneously, namely the election of members of the DPR, DPD, DPRD, as well as the President and Vice President. Various efforts must be made for the realization of safe and peaceful elections.

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All elements of society are asked to participate in overseeing the democratic party. Moreover, the election event does require attention from all parties.

         On the other hand, community leaders to religious leaders can also play a role so that there is no election residue that creates hatred so that it becomes a big loss for the nation.

         Poltracking Indonesia Executive Director Hanta Yuda said all parties have an important role to play in transforming old mindsets in elections. According to him, the election arena must be enlivened by contesting ideas, vision, mission and track record of prospective new leaders.

         According to him, a change in strategy from identity politics to national politics requires strong commitment, especially from election participants and campaign teams.

         Hanta also pushed for the political axis not to be split in two or bipolar like the 2014 and 2019 Elections. He hopes that three, even four pairs of presidential and vice-presidential candidates will emerge.

         Yunarto Wijaya, Executive Director of Charta Politika, added that the success of the 2023 election is not just a qualitative indicator. The quality of the democratic party must also be considered.

         On a different occasion, Indonesian President Joko Widodo emphasized a number of things that should be of concern to all levels of the General Elections Commission (KPU) in the context of readiness to carry out the simultaneous election stages in 2024.

         This directive was conveyed by the President at the National Consolidation Meeting in the context of readiness for the implementation of the 2024 Simultaneous Election Stages, at the  Beach City Entertainment Center,  Ancol, Jakarta.

         President Jokowi said that the remaining momentum must be utilized as well as possible to increase the technical capacity of election preparation, correct existing deficiencies, correct problems that must be resolved, overcome existing obstacles, overcome remaining weaknesses. Must be resolved immediately. Then also build innovation so that the process and results receive broad support from the community.

         First, the President emphasized that all activities at all stages of the election have technical arrangements.

         This is important, because each stage must have a clear legal corridor. It is also important to anticipate and also overcome various problems that will arise.

         Second, President Jokowi also reminded all KPU staff that technical matters in holding elections can become political matters. For this reason, Jokowi ordered that logistical facilities and infrastructure be prepared in detail, and the procurement should be carried out in the right amount and at the right time.

         It is indeed this condition that needs to be prepared, lest unpreparedness causes uproar in the field. These little things, if not detailed, will become a problem in the field. In addition, it is also important to carry out elections in a transparent manner, so that everything is open.

         Third, the President also encouraged strengthening human resources (HR) at every stage of the election. The President asked that all implementing stages from the lowest to the highest be equipped with the knowledge, skills and other capabilities needed so that all apparatus and officers are able to work properly.

         All levels of the KPU must of course be aware of the magnitude and importance of their task of guarding our nation’s democratic party. A precious moment to show commitment and integrity, show dedication and best ability for the future of the nation and state.

         Fourth, the Head of State reminded that the upcoming 2024 Election will be held in uncertain global economic conditions so that all parties, including election organizers, must have the same feelings.

         The 2024 elections are being held at a time when global economic conditions are full of uncertainty and difficulties, in the midst of people’s efforts to restore the economy, the President left a message to the KPU to work efficiently, utilize its budget carefully, and set priorities.

         President Jokowi also asked the KPU and its staff to strengthen political education for contestants and the public.

         Strengthening political education is of course necessary in order to realize elections that are peaceful and with integrity. Put forward ideas and notions, do not put forward pitting one against the other and political maneuvers that spread hatred.

         Meanwhile, Hasyim Asy’ari as chairman of the KPU said that during this national consolidation, the KPU will carry out several activities in the election stages, including verification of political parties, preparation for updating voter lists, arrangement of electoral districts for Regency/Municipal DPRD, establishment of ad hoc election committee bodies. district level, as well as preparation for updating the voter list.

         The character of the KPU institution is a service institution to serve two parties, namely: serving voters to be able to exercise their right to vote. And serve election participants both political parties and individuals.

         Elections that are held seriously and transparently will produce democratic parties that are peaceful and with integrity, the public will feel optimistic that the 2024 elections will take place peacefully without any divisions.

)* The author is a contributor to Media Space

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