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Youth Participation in the 2024 Election is Very Crucial, Avoid Abstentions for the Nation’s Future


By: Devi Putri Anjani )*

The participation of the younger generation in the upcoming 2024 election is very crucial and important to be able to continue. Therefore, they should be able to avoid the white group movement (abstentions) for the sake of a much better future for the nation with the election of trustworthy leaders.

It is very important that the participation and activeness of voters in the implementation of the democratic general election party and also the political contestation of the upcoming 2024 election, especially for the youth or the millennial generation who will continue the nation. In this regard, the Head of Domestic Politics at the Kesbangpol Bangka Belitung, Ferdiyan hopes that young men and women in his area will be able to continue to use their voting rights to vote and not follow the Golput movement.

Therefore, in order to continue to encourage the active role and participation of youths to be maximally realized in order to exercise their voting rights, the Kesbangpol Bangka Belitung continues to conduct outreach to go directly to schools and provide education to students, and convey that they do not abstentions because the voice they have is very meaningful for the future direction of the nation in the future.

Not only actively providing direct education right down to schools, but his party also appealed to the election executors, namely the General Elections Commission (KPU) to be able to also be active in providing a lot of education to the public in general, especially to young people.

Awareness and also understanding of politics must be able to grow immediately. Therefore, all information that can be conveyed directly by the KPU is one of the keys to preventing young voters from committing Abstentions. The reason is, now it is very easy for them to access various kinds of information through social media and the internet, which is very vulnerable and there is a lot of hoax information or issues circulating. 

So that this is actually a challenge in itself because they might become victims of the hoax issue so that it seems as if it will affect their discourse in the upcoming 2024 general election, where later they will judge that there is no competent leader candidate in political contestation later and get them to vote for the white class movement.

With information that is clear and in accordance with the facts, especially if it is conveyed directly by an official election organizer such as the KPU, then of course it will have an impact on preventing young voters from holding Abstentions.

On the other hand, actually using the right digital space will actually have a very good impact, especially for the young generation who will continue the nation. The reason is that they really depend on social media in their daily lives, so actually through social media they are also able to determine which leaders they want to elect so that it will be much easier in terms of getting information from the candidates competing in the upcoming 2024 democratic party.

The activeness of these young voters is very crucial, because the data shows that there are additional young voters every year, it is even estimated that at the 2024 election it will continue to increase by as much as 20% (percent) from the previous year’s election.

Every year, it is also predicted that the number of young voters will continue to increase, so that if they tend to be passive and not actively use their voting rights, it will be very unfortunate because their presence can also greatly influence the determination of the nation’s future.

For this reason, it is jointly hoped that the young generation who will succeed this nation can participate actively in the success of organizing a democratic party through political contestation in the 2024 election, which will only be held in the coming months.

On another occasion, the Chairperson of the Central Kalimantan Indonesian Unity Party (Perindo) Youth DPW, Fahriyan Eko Santoso invited all young people to be able to continue to succeed in the 2024 Election. He also invited the millennial generation to be able to come directly to the polls (TPS). ) and submit their voting rights.

In the political contest for the 2024 election this time, the data shows that the younger generation or millennials make up the majority of vote holders. That way, they really have an important role in determining who will sit in the legislative to executive seats for the next 5 (five) years.

With the election of good and trustworthy leaders, of course it will also be very influential and bring goodness to the fate of the proud direction in the future. The ownership of the majority of votes owned by young voters then becomes a very important and crucial key in the 2024 Election.

)* The author is a Media Ambassador Contributor

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