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Arrest of Terrorists to Achieve Security Stability


By: Abdul Karim )*

The community supports the arrest of a terrorist network which is currently being carried out by the Security Forces. The arrest is a preventive measure to prevent terror and achieve security stability.

Terrorism is the most heinous crime because terrorists have the heart to take the lives of others, with no sense of reason. Therefore, the government is trying to eradicate terrorism in Indonesia so that people’s lives are safer. In addition, when terrorists disappear, it will minimize tension with the background of SARA.

Arresting terrorists is an effort to eradicate terrorism so that their numbers are reduced, as well as to uncover their networks. This is because the terrorist network in this country has entered the international circle, making it possible to obtain illegal supplies of firearms and materials for bombing attacks. If there are fewer terrorists, Indonesia will be safer.

Densus 88 Anti-terror succeeded in arresting several suspected terrorists in Central Java, who were members of Jamah Islamiyah, on February 14, 2022. The initials were RAB, AJ, N, and M. The head of the Public Information Bureau of the Public Relations Division of the National Police Brigadier General Ahmad Ramadhan stated that N was a member of JI and has sworn allegiance since 2017. He also trained in self-defense with JI members led by K, while K was arrested some time ago.

In a sense, the statement from N reveals the fact that the terrorists have prepared everything. Not only the science of brainwashing humans and making their own bomb formulas, but they are also self-defense training. So that in their minds this knowledge will be useful to avoid arrest, although in reality the Densus 88 Anti-terror team is more skilled in striking.

Meanwhile, M’s behavior is even higher because he has been pledged in 2013 and is an alumni of Moro terrorist training, the Philippines. He has also been sent to Syria, and there are many more experiences that are more than his friends who were caught.

The arrest of 4 terrorists is very good because some have been proven to be involved in an international terrorism network, so the extent of their connection can be investigated. Hopefully the names of the other terrorist members will also be revealed so that they can be arrested as soon as possible.

When a terrorist is caught, it is hoped that it will create security in Indonesia, because there is prevention for acts of terror and bombing. The reason is that the holy month of Ramadan will soon be over and don’t let it be polluted by terrorists.

Terrorism must be removed from this country because they divide the nation. When there is a terrorist attack there will be mutual accusations, who is the real culprit? Society can be divided into 2 camps and point fingers at each other, as a result there will be social chaos.

If the terrorists are caught then at least we will be safe from various threats such as attacks and bombings, because they do not move when imprisoned. People will feel comfortable when they are outside without fear. Although we still have to be vigilant, at least we are relieved because the number of terrorists has decreased somewhat.

When terrorists are arrested, the community fully supports law enforcement and they can be threatened with a minimum of 5 years in prison. Terrorism cases deserve threats throughout this period because they have many bad effects, even in the years to come. Don’t let the actions of terrorist groups cause Indonesia to be labeled as a hotbed of terrorists.

When there are 4 terrorist members who are arrested by Densus 88 anti-terror, it is very good because it proves the government’s commitment to eradicating terrorism. They must be arrested in order to create security stability in this country. Do not let the economic and tourism sectors be damaged because of the threat of terrorist groups.

)* The author is a contributor to Pertiwi Institute

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