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Beware of NII Infiltrating Students and ASN


By: Ismail)*

The Indonesian Islamic State Group (NII) should be watched out for, especially since they are suspected of being good at subtly infiltrating a group, including students from the State Civil Apparatus (ASN).

Presidential Chief of Staff (KSP) Moeldoko said that NII had infiltrated the state civil apparatus (ASN) to students. He also asked the public to be aware of the movement of this group. Moreover, the movement of this organization is visible in the community.

In his videotape, Moeldoko said that NII was already in the midst of society. Through ASN, security forces, students, as well as through various institutions including businessmen.

Moeldoko said that NII currently has a different strategy from the era of Kartosewirjo and Kahar Muzakkar. According to him, today’s NII does not always move through armed resistance. The former TNI Commander said that NII was moving to seek sympathy. One of the techniques applied by NII is the pledge of allegiance or oath of allegiance.

Moeldoko said that NII is capable of carrying out unarmed movements with great danger, it is said to be terrible because if the movement of weapons, of course, it will be easy to identify, the perpetrators are easy to catch and easy to solve. He also asked the public to remain vigilant. He wants people to always be aware of their surroundings.

Previously, Densus 88 claimed to have evidence of NII’s plan to overthrow the government before 2024. They said they had conducted an investigation after arresting a number of NII members in West Sumatra.

Densus 88 claims that NII wants to replace the ideology of Pancasila and the Indonesian government system with a caliphate or Islamic law. NII will also carry out a number of acts of terror. This was known after the National Police’s Anti-terror Special Detachment 88 arrested 16 people in West Sumatra.

Head of the Operational Assistance Section for Densus 88, Komes Aswin Siregar, said that NII wanted to overthrow the government before the 2024 general election. He added that West Sumatra’s NII had plans to change the ideology of Pancasila.

Aswin said Densus 88 found a number of evidences found in the form of written documents showing that the NII network in West Sumatra had the exact same vision and mission as NII Kartosuwiryo, namely replacing the Pancasila ideology and the current Indonesian government system with Islamic law, the caliphate system and law. Islam. He also mentioned that there was a machete from one of the NII terrorist suspects. Later, there was evidence that they were looking for a blacksmith to make weapons.

Among these plans, there are also potential threats in the form of terror attacks which are contained in the order to prepare sharp weapons and also look for blacksmiths.

NII is known to have 1,125 members spread across the province of West Sumatra. As many as 400 of them are active personnel. This was conveyed directly by Brigadier General Ahmad Ramadhan as Karo Penmas of the Public Relations Division of the Police.

On the other hand, the NII network is already widespread in Indonesia. The reason is, NII members are not only in West Sumatra, but also in various other provinces, such as DKI Jakarta, Bali, Maluku to West Java.

Ramadhan said that the NII group did not look at age and gender when recruiting members. It is known that there are 77 children under the age of 13 who were recruited and brainwashed into joining. They also pledge allegiance so that the recruited children are willing to take allegiance or take an oath of allegiance.

In addition, 126 adult NII members are also suspected to have been recruited since they were minors. For this reason, the National Police will coordinate with the Indonesian Child Protection Commission (KPAI) regarding NII membership. This, of course, should be watched out for, because no one is completely immune to the influence of the NII, which can actually damage the sense of unity that exists in Indonesia.

Terrorism observer Al Chaidar said that the NII plan to overthrow the government had been going on until now. In fact, since 1949, NII has indeed disagreed with the concept of the Republic of Indonesia, since 7 words were crossed out of the Jakarta Charter.

The existence of NII indicates that the spread of radicalism is still happening, so that joint vigilance is needed. With the awareness and synergy of all parties, it is hoped that the spread of forbidden understanding can be suppressed.

)* The author is a contributor to the Pertiwi Institute

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