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Beware of the Emergence of New Terrorist Cells


By: Salahudin )*

Terrorism is a big crime because it can destroy a country. Therefore, terrorism and radicalism must be removed from Indonesia. The public must be aware of the emergence of new terrorist cells as regeneration. Do not let more sympathizers and terrorist members, which will foster terrorism in this country.
The Thamrin bombing was an incident that occurred in 2016. But this event is still remembered by many people. Bombings carried out by terrorists, became the most common attack. They are not only spreading terrorism in Indonesia but also making threats, acts of violence, to actions that harm many people, such as attacks on public facilities.
The public is increasingly wary of the emergence of terrorism in Indonesia. They build a terrorist network in a guerrilla and abuse the internet, to find new cadres. Don’t let many people go the wrong way and end up being persuaded, then brainwashed by terrorists. Terrorist cells must be eliminated as soon as possible.
Commissioner General of Police Boy Rafli Amar, Head of the National Counterterrorism Agency (BNPT) stated that terrorist groups have a way of generating new terrorist cells. The group is still using the old ways. They carry out propaganda with the aim of creating distrust of the government.
Komjen Boy continued, terrorist groups often ride on strategic issues to create distrust of the government. Propaganda is raised by riding on economic and other issues. It aims to bring up new terrorist cells.
In a sense, terrorist groups are trying to create new terrorist cells by abusing current issues. For example, at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, in March 2020. The government acted decisively by banning activities outside the home and requiring masks to be worn.
But the terrorists insisted and argued that the government was arbitrary because it hindered the economic activities of many people. Then, the corona came from China so it became a hoax disease that was just a propaganda.
The emergence of terrorist groups and their maneuvers is very unfortunate because in the end many people believe in them. Indeed, the corona originated there but this disease is not man-made, which will be deliberately spread to scare people.
The maneuvers of terrorist groups appear again when the government regulates worship procedures during the pandemic. Where when there are high cases of corona, people are advised to worship at home. But the terrorist group attacked and accused the government of not supporting its people to worship solemnly in houses of worship.
Even though these regulations appear to prevent the formation of new corona clusters. The reason is because there could be worshipers who take off their masks (either intentionally or unintentionally) when worshiping. It is also possible that some people do not want to be vaccinated for various reasons.
If anyone believes in the maneuvers of a terrorist group then it is very sad. He will hate the government and will willingly continue to be influenced by terrorist groups. If that’s the case, it will be easier for his brain to be ‘washed’ and he will be pledged to become a new terrorist cadre.
Therefore, people are expected not to believe in hoaxes and propaganda, especially those made by terrorists, because their effects are very dangerous. They were also asked to correct hoaxes and warn family members and friends that the news was false. By straightening it will save many people from the possibility of becoming new terrorist cells.
Meanwhile, Vice President K.H Ma’ruf Amin stated that the public must be vigilant against terrorism. The reason is because terrorist cells are still there and can appear at any time. The public is obliged to help combat terrorism. Also supports government programs in counter-radicalism and terrorism efforts. For example with deradicalization, coaching, and explanation.
The call from the vice president should be kept in mind by the public because new terrorism cells should not be formed. The reason is because it can appear suddenly and shockingly. For example, in the attack on the police office some time ago. The girl who carried out the attack was a new terrorist cell and committed an act that endangered many people.
Do not let subsequent attacks occur under the pretext of being inspired by the girl’s actions. He is a member of a terrorist and his actions are wrong. Don’t even think of him as a hero, because he is a criminal in the wrong for holding an unlicensed firearm. Also abuse it for offensive purposes.
The public can prevent the emergence of new terrorist cells by being observers, especially on social media. When there is content that contains radicalism and terrorism, immediately report it to the social media manager, so that the account is immediately banned. Also report to the cyber police who are on duty in cyberspace. The public must be aware of the emergence of new terrorist cells, both in the real world and in cyberspace. Do not let Indonesia be controlled by terrorist groups, and will be destroyed. Terrorism is a major crime and must be eradicated, so that Indonesia remains safe and peaceful.

)* The author is a contributor to Pertiwi Institute

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