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Pancasila Powerful Vaccine Against Radicalism and Intolerance


By: Alif Fikri)*

Pancasila is a powerful vaccine to ward off radicalism and intolerance that have been threatening the integrity of Indonesia. With the strengthening of Pancasila values, it is hoped that these two threats can be overcome.

Terror and the practice of intolerance are two things that are synonymous with radicalism. This understanding is indeed dangerous because radical groups like to impose their opinion and when someone disagrees, they use violent means. Intolerance is also a characteristic of radical groups, and they aspire to turn Indonesia into a caliphate state, even though it is not in accordance with the spirit of Bhinneka Tunggal Ika.

So how to eradicate radicalism and intolerance? The most effective way is with Pancasila. Here, Pancasila is not just memorized, but actually practiced so that everyone understands and implements it. It is not true that radical groups say that Pancasila makes a person deviate because the first precepts already read: divinity in the one and only God.

To further implement Pancasila and eradicate radicalism and intolerance, the BNPT (National Agency for Combating Terrorism) established a Pancasila clinic. Special, this clinic is held in a correctional institution in the city of Bandung. The purpose of this clinic is to foster the spirit of Pancasila and tolerance to all inmates.

Why is Pancasila clinic held in a correctional facility? The reason is because BNPT is targeting prisoners who are being ‘cleaned up’ there, so that when they get out of prison they will become new people with better personalities. If in prison, Pancasila has penetrated, then he seems to be born again and when he is free he will repent and have a high sense of nationalism.

When the ex-convict is free, he becomes a new human being and wants to be useful for the nation and state, and become a Pancasilaist person. He is not easily tempted by persuasion from radical groups because he understands that this is a big mistake. Such understanding is obtained from the Pancasila clinic.

In addition to the Pancasila clinic, to ward off radicalism and intolerance, the government held a Pancasila ambassador event. This event is not just a search for models, but also attracts young people who understand Pancasila, implement it, and also spread it.

Elections for Pancasila ambassadors are held regularly and young people are deliberately chosen as ambassadors. The reason is because they have a high spirit to go forward and fight for Pancasila, as well as eradicate radicalism. Young people are future leaders of the nation, therefore they must understand Pancasila and should not be carried away by the currents of radicalism and intolerance.

If you have become a finalist for the Pancasila ambassador, young people will understand that intolerance is a big mistake, because we live in Indonesia, which has a pluralistic society. If you always push yourself and can’t tolerate differences in other groups or people, there will be big clashes. Though it can trigger destruction and social chaos.

The ambassadors of Pancasila with high spirits will make Pancasila as the basis of the country viral, which should be lived as well as possible. They use social media as a place to promote Pancasila, because as good citizens, we are obliged to implement it. The Pancasila Ambassador also campaigned for anti-radicalism because this understanding could damage the nation’s order.

Pancasila is a very effective vaccine in warding off radicalism and intolerance. Therefore, the BNPT again echoes the implementation of Pancasila into the correctional institution, so that later the prisoner can be reborn and become a new Pancasilaist person (when free). The Pancasila ambassador program also continues to be held so that young people love Pancasila.

)* The author is a contributor to Pertiwi Institute

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