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Reject Intolerance Narratives Prevent Radicalism


By: Alif Fikri)*

Terrorism and radicalism are dangerous thoughts. To prevent radicalism, the public is obliged to reject intolerant narratives, especially on social media.

In recent years, social media (medsos) is very crowded and Indonesian citizens are the top 5 users of social media in the world. But unfortunately there are a handful of people who abuse social media, and make it a place for cursing, hate speech, and even spreading intolerance in Indonesia. It is alleged that the perpetrators were members of a radical group, who always hated the government.

Radicalism becomes a common enemy because it influences the people to hate the government, and invites them to form a caliphate state. Therefore, the government continues to socialize the call to reject radicalism and everything that is done by radical groups. Not only bombings, but also intolerant acts and hate speech.

Head of the Nahdatul Ulama Branch of Palangkaraya City, Ustad Muhammad Syahrun, stated that intolerance and radicalism harm various aspects of life. PCNU invites the public not to fall into radicalism. Citizens should unite and commit to preventing radicalism. They also don’t follow social media accounts that lead to radicalism, intolerance, and hate speech.

In a sense, religious leaders are very sad because radicalism affects society, especially on social media. The trick is to spread hoaxes and propaganda, so that many believe in it and in the end want to join in wanting to build a caliphate state. Even though this concept is not in accordance with Pancasila democracy.

In addition, content on social media should not be 100% trusted because it could be created by radical groups, as propaganda so that people believe in them. For example, content that mentions elements of intolerance and invites many people to conduct sweeps. Whereas indiscriminate sweeping should not be carried out because it can only be carried out by the authorities.

Also be aware of status or tweets that contain hate speech. If someone does it, then reprimand it politely, because he can invite many people to speak rudely too. Don’t be influenced by the hate speech because it is deliberately made to ignite the emotions of netizens, so that more people will rebel and eventually want to work together to form a caliphate state.

Social media is deliberately used by radical groups, as a place to ‘campaign’, both about radicalism and intolerance. They understand that Indonesian netizens like to open social media every day. When opening a social media account, the brain is in a relaxed state so it is easy to be influenced. Therefore, the public is advised to be careful on social media and not to easily believe in content.

Meanwhile, the General Chairperson of the Palangkaraya City Muhammadiyah Regional Leadership, Ustad Sofyan Suri, stated that the public must reject radicalism and intolerance, because they could endanger regional security. In religious teachings, there is no such thing as radicalism. Therefore, he once again appealed to the public to reject radicalism, intolerance, and hate speech.

Ustad Sofyan continued, religious teachings should bring coolness and peace. In a sense, what radical groups do is wrong, because they claim to be obedient but teach war, bombing, and carry out hate speech constantly. The reason is because they feel that their movement to form a caliphate state continues to be blocked.

The public must be aware of radicalism and intolerance because they are dangerous for peace in Indonesia. Since the pre-independence era, even during the royal era, Indonesia has consisted of various ethnic groups and backgrounds.

This difference is not contested, but instead exaggerated by radical groups. They must be crushed because they cannot accept differences, even though the Indonesian people have been Bhinneka Tunggal Ika for a long time. Radical groups who have just entered Indonesia after the fall of the New Order (1999) should study the history of Indonesia, before they want to build a caliphate state.

This country is a pluralist country and there are 6 beliefs recognized by the state. Therefore, the caliphate is opposed because it cannot accept pluralism. Do not let the public who are still ordinary people are also influenced by radical groups, and must be vigilant because they are spreading secretly.

The public must be aware of hate speech anywhere, from WA status, to social media. Don’t be influenced and say rude words too, because other people can report it with an unpleasant act. They can also be ensnared by the ITE Law, therefore it is obligatory to keep their word and not be influenced by the incitement of radical groups.

Radicalism and terrorism are enemies

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