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Religious Organizations Play a Role in Spreading Religious Moderation


By: Muhammad Yasin)*

Religious organizations have a considerable influence in spreading religious moderation in society. With the increasing role of these religious organizations, tolerance and mutual respect among religious adherents in Indonesia can increase.

The reformation era began in 1998 and Indonesian society has become more open because they have freedom of expression, after being silenced for 32 years by the New Order. People are euphoric and can chatter about anything without fear of being watched. But unfortunately this freedom has a negative effect, namely being free to insult other parties.

It is common knowledge that when there is a war of opinion on social media, religious people attack each other instead of conciliating. There are parties who provoke so that the other party is labeled negative and even hurled with inappropriate words. This is due to the extremism that has begun to spread in Indonesia and has been viral by radical groups.

To prevent radicalism, extremism, and hate speech wars, especially in cyberspace, religious moderation is needed. When there is religious moderation, people carry out religious teachings moderately or in the middle. Neither extreme left nor right, because anything in excess is not good.

Vice President KH Ma’ruf Amin asked religious organizations to spread the values ​​of religious moderation or wasathiyah. The reason is because religious organizations can maintain peace in the midst of Indonesia’s pluralism. Its values ​​must be reflected in people’s lives.

In a sense, pluralism is a fact and in Indonesia there is not only 1 religion but 6 religions that are recognized by the state. Indonesia also consists of many ethnic groups. With this situation, we remain united and have diversity in diversity. Religious moderation can glue differences because people tolerate each other.

Religious organizations have an important role because they are respected by all levels of society. By spreading religious moderation, it is hoped that the community will be more solid and respect people of other faiths, without having to abandon their religious teachings. Tolerance is the key and society will live in peace because of it.

Religious organizations spread religious moderation by means of seminars so that people understand what religious moderation is. If you have followed it, more people will know what religious moderation means and then practice it. They are happy because life will be more peaceful and can get along with all people, including people who have other beliefs.

In addition, religious organizations can make posters or other content on social media so that they are more widely spread. That way, many netizens understand and practice religious moderation. They will respect each other and will not fight because of different beliefs. The community understands that people who do not share the same belief are brothers in the field of humanity.

The Head of Community Guidance Section of the Semarang City Ministry of Religion, Sumari, stated that the purpose of religious moderation is to create order in religious life, protect the rights of religious adherents, and create harmonization in life. As Indonesian citizens, everyone is given the freedom to maintain their beliefs but also to respect the rights of others.

In a sense, each party, including religious organizations, also spreads the mission of religious moderation, namely the harmonization of life. If everyone understands religious moderation then every people will try to maintain peace. Differences are not an issue because Indonesia is a pluralistic country.

Every mass organization is encouraged to continue to spread the teachings of religious moderation to maintain peace in Indonesia. The involvement of religious organizations is very much needed for the integrity of the Unitary Republic of Indonesia.

)* The author is a contributor to Pertiwi Institute

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