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Supporting the Government to Eradicate Radicalism Among ASN


By: Ismail)*

The community supports the Government to eradicate radicalism among the State Civil Apparatus (ASN). ASNs are public servants and spearheads of government that must adhere to the Pancasila ideology.

ASN is an important element in the wheels of government. Therefore, ASN must be free from radical ideologies that can interfere with public services. But unfortunately, it is suspected that the number of radical ASNs is increasing. This is very sad because radicalism is a forbidden ideology.

Inspector General Marthinus Hukom, Head of the Special Detachment (Densus) 88 Anti-terror stated, “There will be a tool to assess (measure) the level of radicalism of an ASN. This tool is being developed by Densus 88, in collaboration with the National Counter-Terrorism Agency. This will be an internal responsibility.”

In a sense, the measurement tool for whether the ASN is a radical or a terrorist has not yet been seen, whether it is a kind of application or a special test. However, it is hoped that this assessment will be effective in determining the level of radicalism of an ASN.

If an ASN’s radicalism is low and he is proven to be a sympathizer of a radical group, then he will only receive a warning from his superiors. It is hoped that with this warning, he will realize that radicalism is dangerous for the nation and as an ASN it is forbidden to come into contact with radicalism.

Meanwhile, if an ASN is caught joining a radical group but promises to leave it, then he is in the medium category. The penalty is a postponement of his promotion. In fact, they are waiting for the increase in class and rank because automatically the salary will also increase. It is hoped that this punishment will make him give up on dealing with radicalism.

ASN who fall into the heavy category, by being the administrator of a radical group and promoting radicalism, jihad, and the caliphate on their social media, will be punished with dismissal. The most severe punishment was given because they supported the caliphate and defected so that they became traitors to the nation.

Inspector General Marthinus continued, “All ASN, TNI, and Polri are state apparatus and must stand on Pancasila and the 1945 Constitution.” In a sense, ASN and security forces must be loyal to Pancasila and the 1945 Constitution as well as anti-radicalism. The reason is because they are servants of the state so they must be loyal to the state.

The community supports the government in eradicating radicalism among ASN. If there is a punishment, it is natural because ASN involved in radicalism is indeed guilty and is expected to realize their mistake.

Imagine if there is no assessment to measure the level of radicalism of an ASN and they are left alone, then they will abuse their position and position. Some of the large ASN salaries are actually used to support radicalism. In addition, if there is an official vehicle, it can also be used by radical groups, and this is very scary because it can foster radicalism in Indonesia.

Therefore, the government is getting serious about eradicating radicalism among ASN. Apart from going through an assessment that is guaranteed to be accurate (because it was made by Densus 88 anti-terror and BNPT), it can also be via social media. In terms of looking at the content of each ASN’s social media, they don’t want them to popularize jihad and the caliphate because they will be sprayed.

The community fully supports the government’s program to eradicate radicalism among ASN. The reason is because ASN is a servant of the state and is obliged to comply with state regulations, including anti-radicalism. ASN affected by radicalism will be punished according to their mistakes and hopefully they will quickly realize their mistakes.

)* The author is a contributor to the Press Circle and Cikini Students

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