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Supporting the Prevention of the Spread of Radical Idea Before the New Year


By: Shenna Aprilya Zahra )*

The spread of radicalism is a complicated problem, the spread of this understanding can occur anywhere, both in cyberspace and in the real world. So that anticipatory efforts are needed so that the spread of radicalism can be suppressed.

In order to prevent the spread of radical views, the Depok Metro Police initiated evening community service activities, one of which was held in RW 2 Pondok Jaya sub-district, Cipayung District, Depok City.

          Kompol Hendra as Head of Samapta Polres Metro Depok said that his party would try to touch closer to the community to prevent the spread of radicalism or terrorism. This is done to prevent an unfavorable atmosphere in the community ahead of the New Year.

          Hendra said environmental administrators could prevent the spread of radical views early on. Not only that, environmental officials should also be suspicious of residents who are considered different from the habits of residents in general.

          According to him, citizen data collection can make it easier for neighborhood administrators to recognize every resident who comes and leaves their neighborhood. If something happens, the environmental administrator can immediately contact the nearest police or Bhabinkamtibmas.

          Hendra said, if there is something suspicious, to be able to contact the police to be followed up immediately.

          He explained that in addition to preventing radicalism, environmental officials are also expected to suppress the circulation of narcotics and liquor. Reflecting on cases of juvenile delinquency and inter-teenage brawls, it was found that a number of teenagers were using drugs and consuming alcohol.

          Hendra admitted that he had caught a teenager who was involved in a fight, it turned out that the teenager had used tramadol and alcohol before the fight.

          Therefore, environmental administrators can direct youth to carry out positive activities. One of them directs by following the recitation. Not only that, in every community service activity, teenagers can be involved more actively to suppress their delinquency.

          In a different place. Ahead of the 2023 New Year’s celebration, the National Police together with religious leaders and community leaders from North Toraut village, Dumoga Barat District, Bolmong Regency, North Sulawesi, conducted coaching activities for the community around the location of the congregation of people who believe in intolerance.

          This coaching activity was a follow-up to the previous meeting held by the National Police with religious and community leaders, where they communicated with the administrators of the Nurul Huda mosque.

          The communication carried out included equalizing perceptions and maintaining security and order stability among the community as an effort to prevent the spread of radical intolerance and terror ahead of the New Year .

          In addition to religious and community leaders, the National Police also collaborated with North Toraut Village Community Leaders by taking advantage of the Friday prayer moment on December 16, 2022 at the Nurul Huda mosque which was attended by around 120 Muslim hamlets III & IV.

          At the Friday sermon reading, Ustaz Tri, who acted as preacher, raised the theme of the importance of strengthening faith and monotheism and maintaining inter-religious harmony.

          Tri said that differences in views/opinions about khilafiyah in worship should not be used as a trigger for disputes between fellow Muslims, especially when Christian brothers and sisters are celebrating holidays. This is a manifestation of the level of faith and the attitude of istiqomah in monotheism to Allah.

          After completing Friday prayers and joint prayers, the National Police were given the opportunity to convey an appeal and message to maintain Kamtibmas directly to all worshipers who were present at the location.

          The police also emphasized to the congregation not to be easily provoked by the existence of a community that thinks their group has the most correct Islamic views, and it is easy to blame other people or groups in different rituals.

          This activity is expected to be able to increase the community’s immunity against the influence of the spread of intolerance and radicalism from a group of communities that occupy about two hectares of plantations of Dusun 2 residents of Toraut Village in the last 5-6 years.

          Responding to this appeal, Syahmin Mukad as Sangadi Toraut Utara confirmed his readiness with elements of the Muspika Dumoga Barat to protect society from the influence of ideologies that have the potential to disturb the harmony and unity of Muslims and between religious communities.

          Radicalism that appears in the name of religion is built on the manipulation and distortion of religion. Religion is misunderstood. Residents are also expected to fortify themselves from all exposure to radicalism, both in cyberspace and in the real world.

Living in diversity and building inter-religious tolerance in society is a must. Maintaining peace is not only the task of the TNI, Polri or BNPT, but also the duties of all elements of society.

          The steps taken by the police certainly deserve appreciation, especially since Christians and Catholics have just celebrated Christmas, so the community also needs to maintain peace in their environment so that social friction does not arise which could disturb harmony in Indonesia.

)* The author is a contributor to Nusantara Reading Room

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