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The Spirit of Nationalism Prevents Radicalism Among the Young Generation


By: Muhammad Zaki)*

Radicalism is a dangerous ideology that can target anyone, including the younger generation. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the spirit of nationalism and love for the homeland that is able to counteract these radical ideas and intolerance.

Radicalism is a very dangerous understanding and it is indicated that it will continue to be spread by radical groups. The proof is when there is one mass organization that campaigns around and makes the caliphate viral, and the apparatus immediately moves quickly to secure its leaders. Do not let Indonesia be destroyed because of radicalism, extremism, and terrorism.

Radical groups act cunningly by taking young people as new cadres. They try to get the younger generation interested in radicalism and get acquainted through social media. Young people are usually critical and enjoy reading new things, and they are led astray by radical thinking. Don’t let many teenagers think that radicalism is cool because that thought is wrong.

The head of the BNPT (National Counter Terrorism Agency) Komjen Pol Boy Raflli Amar stated that the spirit of nationalism and the spirit of the young generation must be maintained so as not to be disoriented in the midst of the threat of radicalism and terrorism. Don’t let future generations of young people not recognize their own people.

In a sense, young people need to be given an ‘injection’ of the national spirit so that they are not affected by radicalism. If young people understand nationalism and love their nation, they will not be easily influenced by radicalism and terrorism. The reason is because they really love Indonesia and do not want this country to be destroyed because it was forcibly changed into a caliphate system.

Young people need to be given an understanding that nationalism has a fixed price. A good citizen will love his country and do not want his nation to be damaged by forbidden ideologies such as radicalism and terrorism. A citizen will also understand that a democratic system is the best for a pluralist Indonesia, and will not be compatible with a radical system, thus rejecting it outright. raw.

If young people understand that Indonesia is a multi-ethnic country and has 6 beliefs that are recognized by the government, then they will not support radicalism. The reason is because if Indonesia is forced to be radical, there will be social chaos like in Afghanistan. Young people really love their nation and do not want any destruction because of radicalism.

The way to foster nationalism among young people is to invite junior high, high school, and college students to take a step back to the place where the heroes fought. For example, at the Proclamation Monument, the witness could be when the proclamation of Indonesian independence was read by Bung Karno. They will understand that Indonesia was built by national leaders but there is no contribution from radical groups.

In addition, young people can be invited to visit the hero museum and understand how the struggle and sacrifice of the soldiers in the pre-independence era. They were also invited to visit the Hero’s Cemetery (TMP) to see up close how the fighters were willing to lose their lives for the sake of Indonesian independence. From there, his sense of nationalism gradually strengthened.

After stepping back and visiting the graves of the heroes, young people will be aware of the sacrifices of the warriors. They are willing to do anything for Indonesia. Unity and fighting spirit pushed for independence, and finally this country was recognized by other countries.

But unfortunately radicalism will destroy the independence and unity of Indonesia, because this teaching always imposes opinions and is not in accordance with the notion of democracy. Young people will understand why radicalism is forbidden in Indonesia. By studying history, they will have a stronger sense of nationalism and will not be persuaded by radical groups.

Komjen Pol Boy Rafli Amar continued, there needs to be a synergy between community leaders, religious leaders, and young people, to detect radicalism early on. In a sense, there needs to be sensitivity and collaboration from many parties to overcome radicalism. Just like when there is a radical parade, netizens immediately record and upload it so that it goes viral on social media and is then traced by the authorities.

If all parties, especially young people, have sensitivity, then radicalism will not grow in Indonesia. The reason is because if there is someone who is allegedly radical, it will quickly go viral, because young people tend to like uploading videos to social media. It’s different if the younger generation is even ignorant, then radical groups can grow in Indonesia because no one is watching.

To overcome radicalism, young people need to be rekindled by nationalism and the spirit of unity. They can learn history from museums and take a step back, in order to understand that Indonesia stands on the spirit of unity even though it is difficult

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