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UI Lecturer: 2023 AIS Summit Strengthens Indonesia’s Existence as a Maritime and Archipelago Country


Bali – Indonesia this year was appointed as the host of the Archipelagic and Island States Summit (AIS Summit) Forum. As the largest archipelagic country in the world, through this forum Indonesia is expected to become an initiator in dealing with global issues related to maritime affairs.

University of Indonesia lecturer Telisa Falianty revealed that the 2023 AIS Summit was a momentum to raise the nation’s image after successfully hosting the 2023 ASEAN Summit.

“Indonesia’s success in holding various conferences will further improve Indonesia’s image in the eyes of the world, especially since this is the first AIS summit,” said Telisa.

It is hoped that Indonesia’s involvement in this AIS Forum cannot be separated from Indonesia’s active participation in the diplomatic arena related to global maritime issues, through various international meetings. One of them was during the preparation of the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) in 1982 which confirmed the principle of an archipelagic state.

It is hoped that the 2023 AIS Forum Summit will not only be a forum for discussion, but will also have a concrete impact in responding to the challenges of island and archipelagic countries. It is also hoped that the meeting can become a forum between island and archipelagic countries that is sustainable like other regional organizations that have previously been established.

Telisa added that Indonesia’s contribution and role at the 2023 AIS Summit was as an initiator in dealing with global issues related to maritime affairs and islands.

“To create a more prosperous and peaceful archipelagic country, Indonesia must make a real contribution to maintaining economic, social and political stability in the world,” said Telisa.

“Increased cooperation must also be socialized to stakeholders in the business world, society, media so that the benefits can be realized and felt in the field,” added Telisa.

In a separate place, tourism observer from Jenderal Soedirman University (Unsoed), Chusmeru, revealed that holding the 2023 AIS Summit in Bali is very important. Because, this is to maintain the sustainability of Indonesia’s seas in a future full of challenges.

“One of them is the challenge of coastal exploitation and marine pollution,” said Chusmeru.

With this threat, said Chusmeru, the principles of Our Ocean Our Future are important to discuss. No less important, other issues such as coastal exploitation, marine pollution, and the conflict in Natuna must also be discussed by state leaders.

He also hopes that the concept of solidarity in the AIS Summit can be implemented to create mutually beneficial conflict resolution.

This year, the 2023 AIS Forum carries the theme “Fostering Collaboration, Enabling Innovation for Our Ocean and Our Future”. The agenda for the meeting will focus on three important aspects, namely blue economy development, the challenge of climate change, and strengthening solidarity between island and island countries.

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