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Acceleration of Vaccination for Covid-19 Free Eid


By: Baskara Prastowo)*

The government through the State Intelligence Agency (BIN) continues to intensify the Covid-19 booster vaccination or the third dose to the public ahead of the momentum of Eid al-Fitr 1443/2022 H. The booster vaccination must be carried out so that Eid 2022 can be free from Covid-19.

Have you been vaccinated up to the third or booster dose? Vaccination against Covid is something that must be done to save lives during a pandemic. if you have been vaccinated, of course the body will be stronger in dealing with the ferocity of Corona, especially the Omicron variant.

Vaccination is very important because boosters are a requirement before people go home for Eid. The rules were indeed changed when many residents returned home and automatically traveled out of town. They do not need a swab test first but must show evidence in the form of a complete vaccine letter (3 injections) or via the Peduli Protect application. Vaccinations during Ramadan are carried out so that we can celebrate Eid without worrying about Corona.

Yudhi Wibowo, an Epidemiologist at Jendral Sudirman University (Unsoed) stated that the acceleration program for Corona vaccination during Ramadan could be carried out by picking up the ball or coming directly to the community. How to vaccinate from mosque to mosque. This is a new breakthrough that needs to be appreciated.

Vaccination during Ramadan (during the day) is allowed by the scholars because it does not break the fast. However, the suggestion to vaccinate from mosque to mosque at night is very effective. After tarawih, the community has broken their fast so that their energy is recovered and ready for injections, and can minimize AEFI (post-vaccination incidents).

To make the national vaccination program a success ahead of Eid, a vaccination from mosques to mosques is held by North Sulawesi’s BINDA (Regional State Intelligence Agency). One of them was carried out in the courtyard of the Al Mu’minun Manurang mosque, South Minahasa Regency. Similar activities were also carried out at other mosques in North Sulawesi.

Pramudhita, Regional Coordinator of North Sulawesi’s BINDA, stated that increasing vaccination rates must be carried out so that the quality of the community’s communal immunity also continues to improve. Especially now that the Covid-19 positivity rate continues to decline and the figure is below 5%. The acceleration of vaccination carried out by North Sulawesi’s BINDA makes it easier for the community because before going home a booster is required.

The acceleration of vaccinations carried out from mosques to mosques deserves thumbs up. In this way, they will pick up the ball or come to the community so they don’t have to register at the hospital. If there is an on-the-spot vaccination, the queue will also be shorter than during mass vaccination, so it will be finished quickly. After the booster vaccine, people are ready to go home and celebrate Eid without fear of Corona transmission.

In addition, the vaccines provided by the health workers are not only for boosters but also for the first and second injections. So that people who have not been vaccinated at all can immediately queue up and get their right to be healthy during the pandemic. Meanwhile, residents who want the second dose of vaccine can be injected directly and will have higher body immunity so they can have a healthy holiday without being overshadowed by the Covid virus.

The second dose of vaccine is very important because the distance is a maximum of 6 months from the first injection, if it is too far then it must be repeated. Therefore, when there is vaccination from mosques to mosques, it is very good because people can be directly injected without having to repeat the vaccination again. After the second dose of vaccine is injected, you just have to wait 3 months to get a booster.

Eid 2022 is a thrilling moment because for the first time in 2 years of the pandemic, people are allowed to go home. To protect them from the dangers of Corona while traveling or during Eid in the village, vaccination is increasingly being intensified. On-the-spot vaccination from mosques to mosques is very effective in increasing vaccination coverage so that Eid al-Fitr is safe from Corona.

)* The author is a contributor to the Press Circle and Cikini Students

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