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Appreciate Omicron’s Free Third Dose Vaccine Program


By: Irvan Kurniawan)*

The government has started implementing a free third dose vaccine program for the public. The third injection is intended to make the body’s immunity stronger, especially in the face of the Omicron variant of the Corona virus.

Have you been vaccinated? If the answer is yes, then get ready to be injected for the third time. This booster vaccine will be given in 2022 and free of charge, especially for holders of KIS (healthy Indonesia card) and BPJS. There will be a turn later and at the beginning of this year the elderly will be injected first, because in old age they are relatively more resilient than the young ones.

So why inject the Corona vaccine up to 3 times? Research results from the Pfizer company stated that the vaccine 3 times will increase the body’s immunity against the Omicron variant of the Covid-19 virus. In a sense, when a person has been injected with a booster, he doesn’t have to worry about the viciousness of the Omicron, because his body’s immunity is getting stronger.

Vaccines are very important to increase the body’s immunity and giving a booster will further enhance its protection. The reason is because the characteristics of Omicron are very different from Corona delta variants or others. Patients with the Omicron variant of Corona do not feel anosmia (loss of sense of smell) so often OTG does not know that they are sick, so they can transmit it accidentally.

Omicron spreads 70 times faster so its spread must be stopped immediately with a third dose of vaccine. If not, it is feared that there will be a third wave of Corona attacks which are predicted in 2 months. Even though this is dangerous because it can lead to micro PPKM again and the fall of the Indonesian economy, even though we just got up in 2021.

The government is speeding so that the booster vaccine is immediately given in January so that it can prevent the third wave of Covid attacks. To find out the schedule, check the Peduli Protect application and when the D-Day comes immediately to the location for injections. you will get a vaccine injection and it is still free, because President Jokowi wants all Indonesian citizens to be healthy and free from Corona.

Meanwhile, if the schedule does not come soon, then just go to the booster vaccination location by bringing your ID card and vaccine letter (which is in the form of a sheet, not a scanned application). Later the officer will give the injection, provided that the vaccine stock is still sufficient. So take note of the nearest booster vaccination schedule in your area so that later you get a free injection.

The government’s dexterity and firmness should be appreciated because it immediately provides the third dose of vaccine to its people, and indeed speed is the key, so that Corona, especially the Omicron variant, does not spread immediately. After the booster vaccination, it is hoped that cases can be drastically reduced, and currently, according to data from the COVID-19 task force team, there have been more than 200 people who have contracted Omicron.

However, we should remember that up to 3 vaccinations must also be accompanied by discipline in complying with health protocols (prokes). Obey the 10M procedure and don’t take off your mask when you’re out of the house, we’re even advised to wear a double mask. Also obey other points in the health protocol to stay fit and not get Corona.

When the government decides to give the third dose of the Corona vaccine and it is still free, it deserves appreciation. The reason is because the government is swift in providing health services to its people and we are all being guarded so we don’t get Corona. Follow the flow to get a booster vaccine and keep the health protocols.

)* The author is a contributor to the Press Circle and Cikini Students

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