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Appreciate the Relaxation of PPKM to Improve the Regional Economy


By: Abdul Razak)*

The community appreciates the easing of the Implementation of Community Activity Restrictions (PPKM) which is currently being implemented by the Government. The relaxation of these activities is believed to be able to boost the regional economy.

The government has implemented PPKM as an effort to prevent the transmission of Covid-19. Although PPKM in the Java-Bali Region is valid from March 22 to April 4, 2022, the government has removed the level 4 category because there are no regions listed in this category.

Meanwhile, the number of regions implementing PPKM Level 2 increased from 55 to 77 regions. Then, areas at level 3 decreased, from 66 to 48 regions. At this PPKM, the government also recorded 6 regions entering level 1. Namely Pangandaran Regency in West Java, then Mojokerto, Tuban, and Lamongan in East Java.

The government this time also provides a little relaxation. For example, the government has set a maximum capacity of 75 percent of cinemas in the PPKM level 2 area, while the previous week it was only 70 percent capacity. The government has also begun to impose full capacity on regions at PPKM level 1.

Meanwhile, the government also stipulates rules that offices or non-essential sector activities can operate 100 percent Work From Office (WFO) for employees who have received the vaccine, and companies are required to use the PeduliLindung application at the entrance and exit of the workplace.

In places of worship such as mosques, prayer rooms, churches, temples, temples and pagodas as well as other places that function as places of worship in the PPKM level 1 area, you can hold congregational worship or religious activities with a maximum of 100 percent capacity while still implementing strict health protocols and paying attention to the provisions from the Ministry of Religion.

In the shopping sector, in areas with PPKM level 1, supermarkets or hypermarkets to people’s markets that sell non-daily necessities can only operate with a maximum capacity of 100 percent and there are no restrictions on operating hours.

The same thing applies to activities at the Mall. Where the mall will be opened with the provisions of a maximum capacity of 100 percent and operating hours until 22.00 local time. It’s just that for children under the age of 12 years must be accompanied by parents and specifically for children aged 6 to 12 years must show proof of vaccination at least the first dose.

For Restaurants and Cafes, during PPKM level 1, food stalls or warteg, street vendors, hawker stalls and the like are allowed to open with the implementation of health protocols with a maximum of 75 percent of visitors dine-in (eating on the spot) of capacity.

For cinemas, areas with the implementation of PPKM level 1 can operate with a maximum capacity of 100 percent and only visitors with the green category in the care-protect application may enter except those who cannot be vaccinated for health reasons.

Previously, art activities in public facilities were very limited, now art, cultural, sports and social activities or activities that can cause crowds and crowds in level 4 areas can be opened with a maximum capacity of 100 percent.

For indoor sports facilities such as Gyms or Fitness, the government also tightens activities in fitness centers or gyms in areas that apply PPKM level 1, currently where Gyms are allowed to operate with a maximum capacity of 100 percent, and must use the care-protect application and only visitors with the green category in care protect applications that may enter unless they cannot be vaccinated for health reasons.

Meanwhile, for receptions or celebrations for areas that apply PPKM level 1, the event can be held with a maximum of 75 percent of the room capacity and not holding meals on the spot by implementing more stringent health protocols.

This various easing is of course a measured policy, because it is implemented by taking into account the decline in the number of confirmed cases of Covid-19.

Of course, the easing applied must be accompanied by the implementation of health protocols and compliance with vaccinations, as an anticipation because the status of the pandemic is not over yet.

This easing will certainly improve the economy in the region, so that Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) or home-based businesses are expected to earn more income than before.

)* The author is a contributor to the Press Circle and Cikini Students

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