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Appreciating the Government’s Successful Covid-19 Control


By: Ridwan Alamsyah)*

The Indonesian government has succeeded in controlling the Covid-19 pandemic along with the decline in positive cases due to the virus. This success certainly needs to be appreciated by all parties as a sign that the Government’s policies have been on the right track.

With the continued improvement in the Covid-19 pandemic conditions in Indonesia, the Chair of the Indonesian House of Representatives, Puan Maharani stated that all parties should be very grateful, but also at all not to be arrogant and continue to be vigilant because the conditions and nature of the virus are difficult to control. predictable and full of uncertainty.

Even so, Puan still emphasized that indeed the handling of the Covid-19 pandemic which had been attempted by the government had reaped very significant success so that currently the situation could be much better when compared to the past two years.

A report from the World Health Organization (WHO) itself shows that the global death rate due to Covid-19 has decreased by 22 percent this week and is the lowest death rate. Not only that, but the number of Covid-19 cases itself has also decreased in recent weeks.

From the WHO data which covers the whole, indeed the condition of COVID-19 in Indonesia itself in particular has also reached a very controlled level so far. Even though there had been the emergence of new variants, namely the Omicron BA.4 and BA.5 subvariant waves, in fact these waves were not at all as powerful as compared to the previous Covid-19 wave so that the spike in cases did not immediately occur very significantly as has happened in the past.

Previously, WHO Director General, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus himself had also stated that the end of the existence of the COVID-19 pandemic was really in sight. Following the statement, he added that at this time all parties could work together to mobilize all their energy so that the pandemic could truly end.

Tedros stated that even though at this time humans can indeed be said to have won over the pandemic, that doesn’t mean they just stop running. In fact, according to him, now is the best time to keep running even harder so that all the efforts that have been made so far can actually reach the desired finish line.

All of the successes in handling and controlling the Covid-19 pandemic in Indonesia cannot be separated from how government policies have been very firm in implementing health protocols so that all Indonesian people can carry out these policies, along with how the people themselves are obedient to implement these policies.

Not only that, but the Indonesian government’s policy from the start was to immediately disseminate the achievements of the Covid-19 vaccination in the country to target the entire community without exception as quickly as possible, including the provision of a third dose or booster for the wider community so that people can quickly achieve group immunity. against the Corona virus. Even the government’s own target by the end of 2022 is for the distribution of booster doses of vaccines to reach up to 100 million doses.

The third vaccination or booster dose itself is very important for the community, because Puan Maharani said that based on various studies, booster vaccination is effective in protecting residents from the severity and death of Covid-19, including for the elderly. Booster vaccinations must be boosted so that the community’s immunity level is maintained.

For information, until the end of August 2022, the third dose or booster vaccination in Indonesia has only targeted 62.1 million people or 23 percent of the total population in Indonesia. Puan asked the government to increase cooperation with various agencies and community groups to accelerate the booster vaccination target. Because with the establishment of cooperation by the government and even with various agencies, it will certainly accelerate the goal of distributing booster vaccines to the community.

Regarding the government’s success in intensifying the distribution of Covid-19 vaccinations to all Indonesian people, the Minister of Health, Budi Gunadi Sadikin stated that this success is a form of cooperation between all parties, both ministries/agencies to elements of society, supported by an adequate logistics system. .

Furthermore, Puan Maharani stated that the DPR will continue to oversee the handling of Covid-19 carried out by the Government. He ensured that the DPR always provides convenience in the policies issued by the Government as long as they are for the good and welfare of the people.

Not only that, but he added that the DPR will also support various infrastructure preparations in order to

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