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Appreciating the Inspirational Young Papua Program


By: Timothy Gobay )*

The Inspirational Young Papua Program has received support and appreciation from many parties. The program has a good goal to advance Papua in terms of information technology, arts, agriculture, and others, so it is hoped that it can improve the quality of human resources in Papua.

Indigenous Papuans (OAP) are Indonesian citizens who also have great potential. Even though they live in a province far from Java, they are also gifted with the ability to progress. This potential will be honed by Inspirational Young Papua, a program initiated by Billy Mambrasar (President Jokowi’s Special Staff) and his colleagues.

Papua Muda Inspiratif or Papua Youth Creative Hub is a program to bring together young people from Papua who excel and are interdisciplinary. They not only have the ability in the fields of science and technology, but also the arts. In this program, various trainings will be provided such as digital marketing, leadership, modern agriculture, and others.

The appreciation came from the Acting Governor of West Papua Paulus Waterpauw. According to him, the Inspirational Young Papua program will be fully supported and will bring new enthusiasm to Papuan youth. Support also came from the Regent of Manokwari, Hermus Indou. Support from the West Papua Regional Government is in the form of corn farms in Sorong, Manokwari, and Tambrauw Regencies. The lands are currently under preparation by a team from the West Papua Regional Government. Corn was chosen because it is quickly harvested and can then be replaced with other types of secondary crops (such as potatoes and carrots).

The palawija plant was chosen because it is suitable to be planted in highland areas such as Manokwari and Sorong Regencies. With the assistance from the West Papuan government, Inspirational Young Papuans are very grateful. The reason is because land will be available so that the modern agricultural program will be a great success. The youths do not need to be confused about where to find land, and if there is, the rent is expensive.

One of the programs from Inspirational Young Papua is modern agriculture. With this training, Papuan youths are trained to grow plants not only based on traditional knowledge. However, it also takes into account other factors such as temperature, weather, seasonal shifts due to global warming, pest control, and others.

Modern agricultural training is fully supported by the Ministry of Agriculture with the title of millennial farmer. Millennial farming will change the old stigma that farmers live a miserable life. However, by becoming a millennial farmer, you will master the science of agronomy, weather, and even marketing, in order to have much more income than conventional farmers.

With the millennial farmer program, Papuan youths don’t just apply for jobs after high school or college. However, they can go directly to become professional farmers and apply the knowledge gained from Inspirational Young Papua. For example, when there is a shift in seasons, there is a calculation of when it is time to plant and harvest, so that there will be no crop failure due to drought.

In addition, the youth were also taught about tips for growing organic plants. This type of plant is very healthy because it does not use pesticides. The selling price is also much higher, making it more profitable. By growing organically, farmers and consumers alike will be healthy.

The youths who joined the Inspirational Young Papua were very happy because they received support from the West Papua Regional Government. They are more enthusiastic in growing corn and other secondary crops. After that, the only thing left to sell is the farm produce. In marketing it does not depend on the market, but also penetrates the online realm.

Mentors in the Inspirational Young Papua program teach digital marketing techniques. Marketing of agricultural products such as corn and potatoes can also be done via social media, WA, websites, and others. Millennial farmers take advantage of the internet network to expand the market and get double the results, because the reach of buyers is getting wider.

If millennial farmers are good at marketing their agricultural products, it is possible that there will be buyers from abroad who are interested, and they will enter the international market. This will be very good because the name of Papua will be considered as a supplier of good quality agricultural products. Papua not only has sago but also corn and other crops.

The Inspirational Young Papua Program not only trains Papuan youth to be skilled in modern agriculture. But also marketing and exports. For exports, it is supported by the Ministry of Trade, so that Papuan youths know the flow, conditions and administration.

Many parties appreciate the Inspirational Young Papua program because it is very useful. Papuan youths will be trained to become modern farmers who understand agriculture, marketing, and others. With this program, it is hoped that the skills and welfare of the community will increase further in the future.

)* The author is a Papuan student living in Goronta

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