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Appreciating the Rapid Infrastructure Development in the Jokowi Era


By: Rizki Kurnia)*

The rapid development of infrastructure development that occurred in the era of President Joko Widodo’s leadership deserves to be appreciated. The reason is the data shows that the comparison is very far when compared to other eras of Indonesian presidents.

President Joko Widodo has made a commitment to focus on infrastructure development in Indonesia very often, even from the very beginning when he ran for President in 2014. Therefore, after he was officially elected as President, the Working Cabinet was created, and then continued with the Advanced Indonesia Cabinet in his second term of office.

However, it turns out that it is not just a sweet promise made by President Jokowi, but the commitment is actually carried out very well, because it is proven that infrastructure development in Indonesia is currently growing very rapidly.

This result is because so far the implementation of all infrastructure development projects during the era of President Jokowi’s leadership has been monitored very well so that it remains on track so that there will be minimal disruption. So do not be surprised, when the project is carried out straight in accordance with the plan it will bring maximum results as well.

Regarding this, the Golkar Party’s Senior Politician, Ridwan Bae said that the current achievements in infrastructure development in the Jokowi era were able to surpass other presidential leadership eras in Indonesia. In the last nine years, development has occurred very rapidly.

In fact, if you try to compare the success of infrastructure development between the leadership of President Jokowi and President SBY, there is a very clear difference. The man who once served as Regent of Muna, North Sulawesi revealed that the success of development in the Jokowi era was much better.

It is not enough just to build infrastructure, but Ridwan Bae also added that the people’s welfare index has also increased since being led by President Jokowi. This actually also clearly proves that the people themselves know that the policies, especially the infrastructure development projects carried out by Jokowi, are very beneficial to the people.

When compared to the achievements that have been pocketed by the cabinet led by President SBY from 2004 to 2014, it took them up to 10 years to complete the construction of only 189.2 km of toll roads. Then there are as many as 24 airports (airports) which have been successfully completed, including about 18 dams being built.

However, if you look at the success of development that took place in the era of President Jokowi, the man who also serves as Deputy Chairman V of the DPR who carries out the drafting of laws, supervision and the state budget said that it was not even 10 years of his leadership, but his success was able to surpass other presidents. .

Data from 2014 when Jokowi first took the lead until now in September 2022, the toll roads that have been successfully constructed are 1,762.3 km long. then regarding the successfully completed dams, there are even as many as 30 dams, then regarding the airport itself, up to 29 airports have been successfully built. It is not enough just to get there, but the construction of village roads that have been carried out successfully has a length of 316,590 km.

Then it’s not enough to just get there, but currently there are still about two years of Jokowi’s leadership, namely in 2023 and 2024, until the last remaining period, he is still committed to adding to the success of infrastructure development until at least completing another 750 km of toll roads. .

Only with the remaining target of the last two years of the Jokowi period remaining, even able to exceed the construction of toll roads built by the SBY era because they were only able to complete 189.2 km long even though he had spent 10 years in his leadership.

The infrastructure development which was successfully carried out by President Jokowi was also not only centered on certain areas, but became very widespread and evenly distributed to all corners of the village.

Meanwhile, INDEF Economist Nailul Huda also added that Jokowi’s budget policy regarding infrastructure development is in fact much better than in the SBY era. Not only is the budget planning better, but because of this, the promotion of the infrastructure budget has also increased.

On another occasion, the Chairperson of the President Jokowi’s Volunteer Front (Bara JP), Utje Gustaaf Patty, had mentioned the existence of several infrastructure development projects in the SBY era which was continued by Jokowi, which was a very serious issue.

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