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Beware of Surges of Covid-19 Disrupting Transition to Endemic


By: Alfisyah Dianasari )*

The public and relevant stakeholders are expected to be aware of the surge in Covid-19 cases that can disrupt the transition from pandemic to endemic. With vigilance and healthy behavior, the threat of an increase in Covid-19 cases after the Eid holiday can be avoided.

Corona cases in Indonesia have decreased compared to last year. If on December 17, 2021, the number of patients reached 3,750, then on May 16, 2022, the number of patients was only 182. The decline in Corona cases to less than 10% when compared to 5 months ago is an achievement because the pandemic could end faster and transition into an endemic phase.

Endemic is a condition when there is a disease but its spread is limited in certain areas. For example malaria in Papua and West Papua. Indonesia is ready to transition to an endemic period due to a decrease in Corona cases. But don’t be happy just yet because everyone must stick to health protocols and carry out vaccinations. Otherwise, there will be a spike in Corona cases which will disrupt the transition to endemic.

The spike in Corona cases could have happened because at this time the children had gone to school as usual and their parents were back at the office, no longer working from home. When many are not disciplined in obeying health protocols and don’t want vaccines, a new Corona cluster can be formed. It can be an office cluster, a family cluster, or a school cluster.

Office clusters can form when the workspace is too narrow so it can’t keep the distance. In addition, the public should also be aware of air circulation and the cleanliness of the air conditioner or fan. The reason is because the Covid-19 virus can be transmitted through clean air and narrow spaces. Especially if the employees don’t wear masks, if only 1 person gets Corona, all of them get infected, because they don’t get vaccinated either.

The arrangement of places in the office must be considered so that no employees get Corona and it can cause a spike in Covid-19 cases, as well as thwarting the transition to the endemic phase. In addition to keeping the distance per table or cubicle, pay attention to the ventilation, windows, and air circulation. Each employee is also required to wear a mask in the room, not just wearing it on the go.

Office clusters must be watched out for because they can become family clusters. When there is only one employee who gets Corona due to infection by an asymptomatic person, then he can transmit it to all family members. The most vulnerable are toddlers because they have not been vaccinated and the elderly because they have comorbidities and have lower immunity.

Early prevention must be carried out so that family clusters do not occur, the goal is to prevent a spike in Corona cases and thwart the transition to the endemic phase. In addition to wearing masks, mothers and fathers must wash their hands or use hand sanitizer. When you come home from work, you are also required to take a shower, wash your hair, and change your clothes. Just being able to kiss the cheeks of his children. Everything was done so as not to spread Corona.

Also improve family immunity by diligently drinking 2 liters of water a day, eating vegetables, fruit, and other healthy foods. Routine also exercise so that all family members are healthy and have a good immune system. Make sure everyone is vaccinated up to 3 times.

The public must be vigilant so that there is no spike in Corona cases in Indonesia. The number of Covid-19 patients does continue to decline but can rise again if many people are not disciplined in maintaining health protocols. Keep wearing masks and complying with other points in the health protocol so you don’t get Corona and make the transition to the endemic phase a success.

)* The author is a Contributor of the Press Circle and a Student of Cikini

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