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BIN Distributes Aid to Earthquake Isolated Areas _ _ _ Cianjur


By : Raka Ramadhan )*

The State Intelligence Agency (BIN) is still distributing aid to earthquake victims Cianjur, to isolated and remote areas. Aid continues to be distributed because there are still earthquake victims who have not received it. The people of Cianjur Regency are very grateful because BIN moved quickly to help them.

Moment Cianjur district was hit by an earthquake more than once, BIN’s humanitarian team moved to distribute aid. An aid post was set up in Cijedil Village and food and other relief items were accommodated there, then distributed to other areas. BIN is trying to ensure that all villages in Cianjur Regency receive assistance, so that no people are in trouble.

The BIN humanitarian team combed the area in Cijedil Village , Cianjur Regency, which is still isolated, namely in Kampung Gunung Lanjung 1. The access road is not passable for 4-wheeled vehicles. So members of the BIN humanitarian team distributed aid on foot.

Inspector of BIN, Eman Sungkowo , stated that in accordance with the orders of the Head of BIN, Budi Gunawan, the BIN humanitarian team will continue to reach victims affected by the earthquake in areas that are difficult to access. BIN is committed to always being at the forefront in maintaining public safety.

The community appreciates the steps taken by the BIN humanitarian team who came to an isolated location in Cianjur Regency. In fact, they are willing to walk to help the earthquake survivors . Along the path, you can see views of destroyed houses and buildings. The people live in makeshift tents made of tarpaulin, and are inhabited by 25 people.

The conditions were appalling and the BIN humanitarian team moved quickly to help set up more suitable tents. They also provided assistance in the form of ready-to-eat food, cash, and several other items needed by the Cianjur earthquake refugees.

The people are very happy because they are being cared for by BIN. What’s more, what was given was not boxes of instant noodles or raw food ingredients, but food cooked. Residents of Cianjur can eat right away without having to cook first, because there are no proper cooking utensils in the evacuation tents. They were busy saving themselves and their families and didn’t bring any possessions, let alone a stove.

In addition to food assistance, BIN also provides assistance in the form of health services, in collaboration with the local Puskesmas. The doctors came and examined the Cianjur earthquake refugees. They are ensured that they are always healthy and maintain cleanliness, and wear masks, because this is still a pandemic period.

Head of the Medical Doctors Team Intelligence BIN, Doctor Sri Wulandari, stated that the presence of the BIN medical team in Cianjur was to help the earthquake victims. The victims had health problems. For this reason, the medical team implemented a door system to door . To support this system, an ambulance containing 2 doctors and 7 health workers was provided.

Meanwhile, the BIN humanitarian team also came to an isolated area in Burangkeng Village, Mangunkerta Village , Cianjur Regency. BIN Deputy VII Prabawa Ajie stated that the assistance provided consisted of fast food, cash, and the needs of adults and children. There were 300 villagers who received the assistance.

Prabawa Ajie added that Mangunkerta Village was very concerned about the situation. Help is not yet available and if there is, it is very small. The community has set up tents but the location is a bit precarious (near rice fields and plantations). Therefore the BIN humanitarian team built an additional, more representative tent.

Mangunkerta Village , Cianjur Regency, are very happy because there is assistance from BIN. The reason is because they did not get proper help before. But then BIN brought money, food and other relief items. Moreover, BIN also provides health services and they really need it.

The tents set up by BIN were also praised for being more appropriate. People can live there temporarily, because their houses were heavily damaged by the earthquake. In the midst of their evacuation, they did not lose hope because they were still receiving assistance from BIN, who was willing to come all the way to an isolated area in Cianjur. BIN maintains a commitment to help Cianjur residents get to remote places.

The situation in Cianjur Regency is currently still not 100% recovered because the debris from the buildings has not been cleared and the people are still fleeing to safer places. But they remain patient and sincere. Especially when BIN not only provides health facilities, but also trauma healing . Communities, especially children, will be taught how to get rid of trauma caused by the severity of the earthquake.

BIN’s humanitarian team provides assistance to people in Cianjur Regency who are in isolated areas. They were happy because members of the BIN humanitarian team came and were willing to walk, when the access road was impassable for cars. The assistance provided is also very valuable, such as ready-to-eat food, medicine, cash, and so on .

)* writer is Nusa Bangsa Institute contributors

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