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BIN Distributes Cianjur Earthquake Aid to Hard-To-Reach Areas


Door to door distribution of aid and health services continues to be carried out by BIN’s Humanitarian Team together with BIN’s Medical Intelligence. Entering the seventh day of the Cianjur earthquake, BIN visited Kampung Pasir Manggu which was located quite far from the main road access. This is why the area can only be reached by two-wheeled vehicles or on foot.

BIN Deputy-VII, Prabawa Ajie said that this humanitarian activity was a direct order from the Head of BIN General. Pol. (P) Prof. Dr. Budi Gunawan, S.H, M. Si to always be in the midst of the community and combing disaster sites where there is still minimal assistance or limited health services.

“We are committed to providing assistance to our brothers and sisters affected by the disaster, especially in areas that still lack assistance,” said Prabawa.

Kampung Pasir Manggu itself consists of around 86 heads of families (KK) and the number of refugees is around 300 people.

“Wangun Jaya Village itself has nearly 80 percent of its houses collapsed,” added Prabawa.

Since an earthquake with a magnitude of 5.6 on Monday (24/11) struck Cianjur and its surroundings, the people of Wangun Jaya Village have fled to refugee camps. They build refugee tents independently with makeshift equipment. Access to the evacuation site must also go through an uphill path, thus encouraging BIN to be present with the community.

“Currently BIN is providing various kinds of assistance, essentially like ready-to-eat food, milk, rice, bread, mineral water,” explained Prabawa.

It is hoped that the distribution of aid to Kampung Pasir Manggu, which is difficult for four-wheeled vehicles to pass, is expected to be able to raise the spirits of the people in the evacuation sites.

Not only humanitarian assistance, BIN also carried out door-to-door health service activities for people in evacuation locations. This health service from the BIN Medical Intelligence Team (MI) aims to make it easier for sick residents to get treatment. BIN is also committed to continuing to help residents.

“In the future, of course, we will also continue to provide assistance to children so that they become mentally strong and enthusiastic in dealing with this disaster,” concluded Prabawa.

Responding to this, the Head of Pasir Manggu Hamlet, Asep Rahman, was grateful for the assistance provided by BIN.

“We are enthusiastic and thank you for the assistance provided by the State Intelligence Agency,” he said.


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