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Booster Vaccine Effectively Prevents Increase in Covid-19 Cases


By: Randi Siregar)*

The government continues to intensify the Covid-19 vaccination amid the increase in Covid-19 cases. Residents are also asked to complete the vaccine and immediately booster because the government has provided the vaccine for free and has been proven to be effective in protecting residents.

Vaccines are a great hope to end the pandemic, because if at least 75% of Indonesians have been vaccinated, herd immunity will be formed. This immunity is desirable and can change the status from pandemic to endemic. However, people should not forget to complete the vaccine, not only 2 doses but also 3 doses or boosters.

The booster vaccine must be taken because it can increase the body’s immunity against Corona. But unfortunately the booster vaccination coverage in Indonesia is only 20%. Whereas for the first and second doses of vaccine the coverage is almost 70%. Vaccines are very important to protect yourself from Corona, especially when cases are rising.

As of August 15, 2022, the number of Corona patients is 3,588 people. The increase in Covid-19 cases in Indonesia is certainly worrying and can have a bad impact on the economic sector. Therefore, as good citizens, the Indonesian people must be boosted. Moreover, the vaccine is still free and easy to obtain.

Do not let there be a fourth wave of Corona attacks because of the drastic increase in the number of Corona patients, then people are busy looking for places for booster vaccines. Immediately booster and look for information, apart from the Puskesmas and Hospitals (which work together with the government), usually there are private parties who also organize mass vaccinations and have boosters too.

Doctor Rizal Fadli stated that the provision of booster vaccines was being intensified, amid an increase in the positive number of Corona. Giving boosters to help increase antibodies, so that the risk of Corona transmission can be reduced. In a sense, don’t just be satisfied with the second dose of vaccine because you still have to add a third dose, in order to perfect the body’s immunity.

There are several benefits of booster vaccines. First, maintain the level of immunity. If a person has been boosted, his body’s immunity will be better, when compared to other people who have only been vaccinated twice or even once. The body’s immunity plus the discipline of health protocols is the key to surviving a terrible pandemic.

Second, the booster functions to strengthen the body’s antibodies that have been awakened. When the first and second doses have been vaccinated, a person still needs a booster to increase his body’s antibodies. Antibodies are only obtained from vaccines, cannot be obtained from healthy foods, drugs, herbs, herbs, or others, so booster vaccines cannot be replaced with food or drink intake.

The third benefit of the booster is to extend the virus protection period. After the second dose of vaccine, 3 months later, a booster should be required, because after 6 months the effectiveness of the vaccine will decrease. Don’t let the second dose of vaccination feel like you don’t need a booster, even though Corona is still in Indonesia.

The extended period of virus protection must be maintained by the body because the Corona continues to mutate. In the past, there were only Alpha, Beta, and Delta variants, but now there is an Omicron variant and it has mutated again into a Centaurus subvariant. This subvariant is more virulent and fast in transmission, and increases Corona cases in Indonesia. If the virus protection period has run out and the body’s immunity has decreased, then there is the potential to get Corona.

Even though there is a potential for Corona transmission, that doesn’t mean it’s an excuse not to get vaccinated. If you have been vaccinated but have been exposed to Corona, it could mean that the vaccine protection period has decreased. Moreover, Corona patients who have been vaccinated only feel mild symptoms (like the common cold) but are added with anosmia (loss of sense of smell). He will recover quickly and not to lie down for 14 days.

Unlike Corona patients who have not been vaccinated at all, the risk of getting Corona is very high. In addition to high fever and dry cough, he feels weak, even during very light activities. Patients who have not been vaccinated are also at risk of losing their lives because of shortness of breath and their oxygen saturation continues to decline.

Therefore, immediately booster, because it is halal MUI and free by the government. Compare it with paid vaccines that protect the body from other diseases, which only one injection is hundreds of thousands of rupiah. The government has been kind enough to provide free vaccines of up to 3 doses, so it must be utilized by every Indonesian citizen as much as possible.

If all Indonesian citizens over the age of 18 obey the vaccine until the booster, it will minimize the transmission of Corona, because everyone’s immunity increases and the Covid-19 virus cannot attack. Immediately booster so that the immune system is even better and extends the virus protection period. After being vaccinated, don’t forget to obey health protocols to be safe from the dangers of Corona.

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