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Government Prepare a Mitigation Strategy Disaster at IKN


By: Ridwan Putra Khalan )*

The government through the Ministry of PUPR has prepared a series of strategies for mitigate potency risk disasters in the Archipelago National Capital (IKN) development project.

The Government of Indonesia already has plans to relocate the National Capital City from which it was originally located in DKI Jakarta, to East Kalimantan. One of the considerations of this policy is because East Kalimantan is considered to be a safe location and minimal threat of disaster.

Even so, not necessarily there would be absolutely no risk of a possible catastrophic threat hit East Kalimantan, especially throughout the Archipelago Capital Region (IKN). So the risk of disaster still exists. Therefore the Government is now focusing on being able to minimize these risks.

The method is through structural efforts, namely carrying out physical construction, to other efforts that are non-structural in nature by adjusting to regional vulnerabilities. As information , Effort mitigation disaster the IKN area is regulated in Presidential Regulation Number 64 of 2022 concerning the Spatial Plan for the National Strategic Area of the Archipelago Capital City for 2022-2042.

About a number of effort mitigation disaster , Minister of PUPR, Basuki Hadimuljono explain that for mitigation with effort The structural work itself is carried out by the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing by paying attention to 3 aspects, namely quality assurance, preserving the environment and paying attention to aesthetics in every development carried out at the IKN.

Furthermore, Minister Basuki gave an example that for example in a toll road construction project leading to the IKN Area, of course it must be much better than the toll road in the area where other . Even the Government of the Republic of Indonesia itself has also asked for support from JICA Japan and they have sent personnel expert form supervision in profession the . All this is done for the sake of guarantee quality construction held with no kidding .

Then to preserve the environment, the PUPR Ministry itself also continues make an effort exists mitigation potency disaster landslide . Some of them are by maintaining green space up to more than 75 percent of the 6,600 hectares of the Central Government Core Area (KIPP).

No only In addition , there is also the installation of sensors monitoring ground movement , then the construction is carried out continuously following the topography and contours undulation with utilise basin for pond until planning roads with a slope of less than 10 percent.

Related to existence effort for mitigate potency disaster floods , the Smart Water Management scheme was carried out. This is done by collecting rainwater inside tank lower land processed and utilized for To do sprinkling parks , including draining drains and cleaning roads.

Firmly, Minister Basuki outlined the idea about mitigation disaster in IKN that all must return to the environment, no can all concreted . In fact, the design for the development of the National Capital City (IKN) was designed with great care in paying attention to environmental preservation.

Next, regarding the third strategy in framework mitigation disaster , that is environmental aesthetics . The construction of the entire IKN infrastructure is indeed carried out with minimal felling of trees. In fact, it is not logging trees that are being carried out, but on the contrary, namely planting trees with a canopy width / width , styling landscaping and garden . This is an effort to realize IKN as a city in the forest (smart forest city).

The Minister of PUPR emphasized that the three strategies, namely to continue to pay attention to the quality of infrastructure, to preserve the environment and to improve aesthetics , are not an easy thing to do. Therefore, he advised the service provider, management consultant until consultant supervision for Keep going guide all processes of heavy equipment operators so that they do not run alone.

Next related non- structural mitigation , the steps that have been taken include the planning and design of the IKN development with reference to the Norms, Standards, Procedures and Criteria (NSPK) for earthquake-resistant infrastructure, reducing carbon emissions, and maintaining the microclimate of the area by applying the principles green building.

Basuki Hadimuljono disclose that all stakeholders involved in the development of the National Public University must take responsibility for the maintenance and efforts mitigation disaster carried out by the government by maintaining quality, environmental conditions and aesthetics in the IKN.

Previously, Member of the Indonesian Parliament, Mulyanto of course time request that the government also do mitigation potency disaster in the National Capital City (IKN) of the Archipelago, Regency Sharpener North Paser , East Kalimantan. The reason is that there are opinions expressed by some geologists.

According to him, the potential for a geological disaster must go through a very careful and detailed study first, then later arranged plan mitigation . Because of effort mitigation disasters in the IKN are closely related to the safety of the entire population and also how the security condition of the new IKN is in the long term.

Knowing how much important mitigation potency disaster in the IKN development project in East Kalimantan, therefore the Government of the Republic of Indonesia through the Ministry of PUPR, took action fast to prepare everything needed related mitigation disaster the .

)* The author is a contributor to Nusantara Reading Room

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