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Healing of Covid-19 Cases Continues to Increase


By: Aulia Hawa )*

The recovery rate of Covid-19 cases in Indonesian society continues to increase. This is one proof that the performance of the Government, Task Force and all parties involved in controlling the pandemic has been very maximal.

There is an update regarding the data on the Covid-19 situation that occurred in Indonesia. As of July 26, 2022, active cases increased to more than 43 thousand. Meanwhile, regarding the data on people who have already administered the first dose of vaccine, it has reached more than 202 million people, for the second dose it has reached more than 169 million people and for people who have taken the booster vaccine it has reached more than 54 million people from the total target of around 208. million Indonesians.

This indicates that the pandemic is not over yet because there are still additional cases day by day. Even so, quoted from the official website of the Government of Indonesia, it turns out that the daily cure rate also continues to grow until now to 3,511 cases. So if you total it, the recovered cases of Covid-19 in Indonesia have reached more than 5.9 people, which means that the percentage of recovering reaches 96.8 percent.

This figure is in line with the low number of cases of Covid-19 patients in Indonesia who have to require medical treatment in hospitals because they are only in the range of 0.7 percent. Then the possibility of death due to exposure to Covid-19 in the country can also be said to be very small, namely 2.5 percent.

With this data update, to date, as reported by Worldometers, the country with the first number of Covid-19 cases in the world is still held by the United States with a total case of more than 92.49 million people and a death toll of more than 1.05. million inhabitants. While for the second place is occupied by India with more than 43.93 million who have been exposed to Covid-19.

When compared to other countries, the control of the Covid-19 pandemic in Indonesia can be said to be one of the best in the world because with this large population, it turns out that the exposure rate is only small and the percentage of recovery also exceeds 96 percent. Regarding this, the Indonesian Minister of Health (Menkes) Budi Gunadi Sadikin emphasized that although recently the trend of increasing Covid-19 cases has returned, but the public does not need to panic too much because Indonesia has handled the pandemic very well. From the data on the increasing cases of Covid-19 that occurred, 81 percent of them were indeed due to the outbreak of the latest Omicron subvariants, namely BA.4 and BA.5. His party constantly urges the entire community to continue to comply with health protocols and also immediately vaccinate up to the third dose or booster for those who have not done so.

The Mayor of Bandung, Yana Mulyana emphasized that although the recovery rate is very high and the number of patients who have to be rushed to the hospital is very unlikely because if exposed to Covid-19 only by self-isolation alone can heal, but indeed health protocols are very important to continue to be enforced. . Therefore, the participation of the entire community to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic so that it does not continue to occur in Indonesia is very important.

Meanwhile, a member of the DPRD of Palangka Raya City, Friday, stated that in addition to maintaining the health protocols, the community must also be able to implement a healthy lifestyle and also be able to maintain their body condition so that they stay fit at all times. His party expressed his appreciation to all parties, especially the Covid-19 Task Force Team for continuing to tighten supervision related to all community activities in anticipation of the spread of the pandemic.

With the gradual rise of various wheels of the economy in the community, with many economic activities being carried out and slowly returning to normal as before, people are no longer panicking, unlike what happened a few months ago when the Delta variant spread.

One of the things that makes people not panic is the high trust in the Government and also health facilities in Indonesia, because it is undeniable that the recommendations and various methods given by doctors are indeed very effective in boosting the level of health. healing Covid-19.

So although recently there has been a trend of increasing the number of Covid-19 cases in Indonesia, the recovery rate continues to increase even with a percentage of more than 96 percent, making people not need to worry and showing the success of the Government in controlling the pandemic in the country.

)* The author is a contributor to the Press Circle and Cikini Students

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