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More and More Covid-19 Cases are Recovering


By: Lintar Kurnia )*

The cure rate of corona patients is increasing. This news is very encouraging because it shows the excellent service of health workers so that patients recover quickly from Covid-19.

The pandemic is not over yet but we must be optimistic and patient until this test is completely over. In the midst of the chaos of the pandemic, there is good news stating that the number of corona patients who have recovered is increasing. This news must go viral because it can increase optimism and immunity because there is happiness that is spread, so that everyone is sure that everyone who gets corona will recover.

According to data from the Ministry of Health, as of February 8, 2022, more than 10,000 patients have recovered from the corona virus. This figure is very good because 2,131 more people have recovered than the day before. So that the total recovered patients in Indonesia are more than 4,200,000 people.

This increase in the number of recovered patients makes us feel relieved because even though we are in the midst of an omicron attack (which is more contagious than the delta variant), many are recovering quickly. This indicates the effectiveness of the vaccine, because if a patient who has been vaccinated but gets corona (because their immunity is low or does not comply with health protocols) will only have mild symptoms and recover quickly.

Therefore, do not underestimate vaccination, especially vaccination in children. Parents should not immediately forbid their children to be vaccinated, because they are consumed by hoaxes or other reasons. The reason is because if you have not been vaccinated at all and then get corona, especially the Omicron variant, the worst impact is death.

Vaccinations for teenagers are also mandatory and do not depend on the school (to carry out mass vaccinations). They can be registered for the vaccine at the hospital that provides it, and the only requirement is to bring a photocopy of the family card. By being vaccinated, they are more protected during the pandemic.

The increase in the recovery of corona patients also shows the success of the government program, namely that the treatment of corona patients is still free, as long as they have a BPJS card. This program is very helpful because if you have to pay for it yourself, the cost will be very expensive. The reason is because the price of corona medicine is also pretty good plus you have to stay in the hospital for two weeks.

If the patient is treated intensively at the hospital, it is certain that he will be healthy soon because his condition is continuously monitored by the doctor and the equipment is complete, ranging from ventilators to oxygen cylinders. The government continues to monitor the provision of medical equipment so that the supply is always sufficient. So the result is that patients can get healthy quickly.

In addition to treatment at the hospital, in fact, patients who still have mild symptoms may choose the option of self-isolation, if the room is not available. They don’t have to be afraid when they have to self-isolate because telemedicine services are available. With this service, patients can consult with doctors via online and get medicines, all for free.

All programs created by the government are services so that Indonesian citizens infected with the corona virus get healthy quickly. We hope that more patients will survive and recover. For those who have not been exposed to the corona virus, don’t get infected and are obliged to increase immunity and stay disciplined with the 10M health protocol.

The increase in the number of recovered corona patients is good news and hopefully the numbers will continue to rise. Their recovery is also thanks to the government’s support which provides free services and treatments as well as telemedicine, plus quality medicines. Hopefully the pandemic will be over soon so that we will not be overshadowed by corona.

)* The author is a contributor to Pertiwi institute

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