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People Appreciate BLT BBM


By: Andi Kurniawan)*

The community appreciates the Direct Fuel Oil Cash Assistance (BLT BBM) and is grateful for getting Rp. 600,000 from the government. The transfer of subsidies to direct cash assistance is considered very effective, because it is directly enjoyed by the small people.

The price adjustment for Pertamax and Solar fuels has occurred since early September 2022. Fuel subsidies had to be reduced due to the drastic increase in world crude oil prices to 100 US dollars per barrel. However, to reduce economic turmoil, the government has shifted subsidies by providing BLT to more than 20 million people in need.

People in Tangerang Regency, Banten Province enjoy BLT BBM. A total of more than 26,000 citizens are entitled to receive it. The budget received by the Tangerang Regency Government in the distribution of BLT BBM is 15.8 billion rupiah.

An ojek driver, Muhammad Saiful, said he was happy and grateful for getting BLT BBM from the government during the pandemic, and being able to shop even though the prices of goods had changed. The BLT money will be used to buy basic necessities, and he hopes that this BLT will continue to exist because it is very useful for the poor.

Saiful’s confession proves that the government’s move is very appropriate in diverting subsidies. Subsidies should be accepted by the small people, not by the rich/poor. Subsidies must be distributed to the right parties, namely to people in need.

It is different if the subsidy continues to be given to cut the price of Pertalite, then the fuel can be purchased by car drivers who are clearly able to buy Pertamax. If so, the subsidy will be more effective, and before the fuel price changes, it is proven that 70% of the rich are queuing for Pertalite. If the price of Pertalite is adjusted then the rich will not buy it anymore.

People who enjoy BLT BBM are also given a message to spend groceries, don’t put it in a piggy bank. BLT must be used for shopping, to maintain people’s purchasing power. If purchasing power increases, the wheels of the economy will also increase, and the Indonesian economy will be even better.

Meanwhile, another Tangerang resident, Meri, was grateful after receiving BLT BBM. He will use the money to buy rice and various other kitchen needs.

This shows that the community is in dire need of BLT funds and it is proven that the assistance can overcome the situation among the people. Where previously it was difficult for them to buy groceries, it became easier to shop because they got BLT from the government.

BLT BBM is the government’s effort to provide a safety net. The community will feel safe because their various kitchen needs are met, thanks to the BLT. They are no longer confused about what method to buy rice, because their money is very limited.

BLT BBM is a safety cushion so that people can be protected from the impact of fuel price adjustments, which usually affect the prices of other goods. If there is a cushion, they can still meet their daily needs, even though the price of basic needs has changed.

So that people can enjoy BLT BBM, the Ministry of Social Affairs has accelerated the process. This was stated by the Minister of Social Affairs Tri Rismaharini. According to him, all data on BLT BBM recipients have been given to the Post Office, because they will get it there.

The public also does not need to worry because the BLT distribution is very accurate, because the recipient’s data is checked first by the Ministry of Social Affairs. It is certain that those who receive it are entitled to it, because they are small people. There will be no errors in the distribution of BLT BBM.

Currently, the distribution of BLT BBM is only around 40% of the target and the government wants this assistance to be accelerated again. The goal is that more people will benefit from it. If all the people (who are entitled) have received BLT BBM then they can spend with that money.

The community appreciates the performance of the government which wants the provision of BLT BBM to be accelerated. The faster it is, the better. Especially when BLT BBM is given to small people from Sabang to Merauke, and this distribution is very grateful.

The community is also grateful that the government is still thinking about the fate of its people, and is not confused by changes in fuel prices. This means that President Jokowi’s government is still pro-people, and changes in fuel prices must be made to save the state budget, and not for other reasons. People are still breathing a sigh of relief and shopping, through the provision of BLT.

The number of people who enjoy BLT BBM is a sign of gratitude, because they enjoy the transfer of subsidies from the government. They followed the advice to spend it immediately because one of the goals of giving BLT was to increase people’s purchasing power. At the same time healthy the country’s economy.

)* The author is a contributor to Persada Institute

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