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Prokes and Vaccinations Key to Success in Controlling Covid-19 After Eid


By: Tengku Rayhan)*

The public should be grateful because the Government has allowed the 2022 Lebaran homecoming. However, the community is required to always obey the Prokes and take booster vaccinations to control Covid-19 after Eid.

Soon, Muslims will celebrate Eid al-Fitr. This year, everyone is relieved because the government has allowed going home, after 2 years in a row, we have been advised to stay home for Eid. People are getting ready to go home early to avoid traffic jams on the homecoming route.

However, during Eid we must be aware of the increase in Corona cases, because on average there are crowds in many houses. Do not let there be an increase in the number of Covid-19 patients and result in a tightening of the Implementation of Community Activity Restrictions (PPKM) because it can affect the economy. Therefore, everyone must obey health protocols (prokes), both when going home, Lebaran, or when returning to their city.

Doctor Tandean Arif Wibowo from Panti Rapih Hospital-Yogyakarta stated that the health protocol procedures before and during Lebaran were actually not too difficult. First, of course, wear a mask when traveling home and when receiving guests). When in doubt about an area that is prone to Corona, use a double mask (with a cloth mask on the outside and a disposable mask on the inside).

Also bring a spare mask plus hand sanitizer when traveling around Lebaran gatherings. The reason is because masks are used for a maximum of 4 hours and hands will be kept clean with hand sanitizer. Disposable masks must also be damaged before being disposed of so as not to be misused by unscrupulous persons.

Second, keep a distance of at least 1 meter. In a sense, when visiting, you are not allowed to sit next to each other because you can’t keep your distance. Also make sure the air ventilation is smooth when changing to receive guests. During the return flow, you must find a large rest area so you can keep your distance from other travelers and when you have enough rest you must go home quickly so you don’t get crowded there.

While the third, after receiving guests or going around the gathering, it is obligatory to take a shower and wash your hair, then change your clothes. Because we don’t know who has OTG status (people without symptoms) among the many guests. By immediately cleaning yourself and sterilizing the room with a sterilizer spray, you can minimize the transmission of Corona.

To control Corona after Lebaran, before leaving for homecoming, each person must be vaccinated up to 3 times. Why need a booster? The reason is because this third injection will strengthen immunity. If you don’t have a booster, people can get it at the nearest hospital and health center.

Moreover, when going home, the average citizen travels long distances, not to mention traveling around the village for gatherings. This activity is clearly tiring and vulnerable because the body can drop, and vaccines can strengthen the body from possible Corona transmission.

Do not hesitate to booster because it does not cause severe side effects. On average, those who have been injected with the vaccine for the third time only feel pain in the arm and the next day it is not too pronounced. There are also those who become sleepy easily and in fact it is a natural reaction because after being vaccinated, the body does need adequate rest.

The public is advised to always obey Prokes and take booster vaccinations before going home. With the community’s compliance, the spike in Covid-19 cases after Eid al-Fitr is expected to be avoided.

)* The author is a contributor to Pertiwi Institute

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