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Prokes Discipline and Booster Vaccines Prevent a Spike in Covid-19 Post Eid Al-Fitr 1443 H


By: Abdul Karim )*

The public is required to always be disciplined in Healthcare and take Covid-19 vaccinations ahead of the 2022 Eid homecoming. Public compliance with Healthcare programs and booster vaccines is needed to prevent a spike in Covid-19 after Eid Al-Fitr 1443 H.

The COVID-19 pandemic is still not completely over and over, therefore, although the recent spread curve can be said to be sloping, it doesn’t mean we can relax and ignore health protocols. We must continue to be vigilant regarding any possibility that could happen. Therefore, the implementation of booster vaccination is also one of the important things to continue to be encouraged.

Do not let the celebration of the Eid holiday in 2022, it becomes a momentum for an increase in the number of virus transmissions as has happened during the holiday momentum some time ago. The government itself has sought various ways to minimize the spike in the number of Covid-19 transmissions during the Eid holiday.

Muhadjir Effendy as the Coordinating Minister for Human Development and Culture (Menko PMK) explained that although the discussion about going home for Eid 2022 has not yet been discussed, there is a possibility that the Government will allow people to go home. But of course there must be conditions that must be met first.

As an effort to anticipate or prevent the occurrence of transmission and spikes in the Covid-19 curve during Eid, it is likely that the Government will prioritize people who have received the full or second dose of vaccine and also booster vaccines so that they can travel back and forth. Because indeed this is for the safety and security of all our own family members in our hometown.

So far, since the last two years, the government has even continued to ban Eid homecoming travel for the community because at that time the spread of Covid-19 could still be said to be quite high and also very vulnerable. Moreover, at that time there were still not many people who had received vaccinations. So instead of something far more dangerous happening, the Government finally set a restriction on mobility.

The government reflected on how the Christmas and New Year holidays turned out, although it had been sloping down the Covid-19 transmission curve, it suddenly spiked again, resulting in many casualties. Coupled with the impact of the second wave of the Delta variant at that time which made it clear that the situation was not possible for free mobility.

Recently, although there has been a new variant called Omicron which turns out to be spreading much faster, it turns out that the impact is not as severe as the previous variants. This is because many people have vaccinated and also unconsciously have begun to form immunity to be more resistant or resistant to the virus.

Of course, with all the benefits that have been achieved, do not suddenly due to our carelessness actually make the curve of the transmission of COVID-19 in Indonesia soar again and suddenly another pandemic storm surge that must cost many lives. Taking care of ourselves is very important in this case because only we ourselves are able to ensure how clean we are and how we adhere to health protocols.

The important key to being able to prevent a spike in Covid-19 transmission if going home is allowed for Eid 2022 is to continue to comply with existing health protocols and it would be even better if we get a booster vaccination as soon as possible. Let’s take care of our environment, our relatives and friends, especially people who may be vulnerable to virus transmission such as the elderly and children. Together we are able to fight the pandemic so that everything can end soon and return to normal as usual.

)* The author is a contributor to the Press Circle and Cikini Students

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