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Safe Homecoming With The Third Dose


By: Siti Zulaikha)*

The public appreciates the government’s decision to allow Lebaran homecoming on the condition that the third dose or booster vaccination has been given. With protection from vaccines and the implementation of these health protocols, it is hoped that the increase in Covid-19 cases can be prevented.

Soon Ramadan and followed by Eid. The tradition in Indonesia is that people return to their hometowns a few days before Ramadan and celebrate Eid in the village, after that sungkem to their parents. This year the people are happy because the government is allowed to go home, after two years they are not allowed to return to their hometown due to the pandemic.

The community does not question the requirement for a booster vaccine that must be carried out before going home. They are relaxed because they have been injected with the vaccine three times. Even if it’s only been twice, just look for a hospital or other place that provides booster injection. The conditions are also easy, just bring your KTP and a booster vaccine invitation ticket from the Care Protect application.

President Jokowi stated, “People who go home for Eid are welcome. On the condition that you have to get two vaccines, plus a booster, and comply with health protocols.” This requirement is considered very easy because the vaccines are still injected and for the past two years they have been accustomed to wearing masks and complying with other points in the health protocol.

The booster vaccine is a requirement before going home because if you have been injected three times, you will have more high immunity. After being boosted, there will be 91% stronger protection from hospitalization, compared to those who only received vaccine injections once or twice.

The booster vaccine can be obtained 3 months after the second injection. Just check the protect care app to see the latest vaccine schedule. After 3 months from the distance of the second injection, the invitation ticket will automatically appear and then just come to the hospital that provides it.

With the protection from the booster, we are optimistic that going home will be safe from corona because the virus will not easily jump from one OTG to another. Returning home with a long trip is guaranteed safe because all travelers have been vaccinated and adhere to health protocols.

For protection, we need a booster and to be even safer, we can do a rapid test independently before leaving for homecoming. This is to make sure that we have a negative Covid status.

But keep in mind that booster vaccines must be accompanied by health protocols. Especially if going home by public transportation. It is mandatory to wear a mask and if possible a double mask with a cloth mask on the outside and a disposable mask on the inside. The point is to strengthen the filtration. Even if you are traveling by private vehicle, you are also required to wear a mask.

Likewise, other points in the health protocol must be adhered to, so bring a hand sanitizer when you go home. If you can, bring your lunch so you don’t crowd when you break your fast at the shop. In addition, you must be vigilant on the road and keep a distance between vehicles.

We have already imagined the beauty of going home in 2022 after 2 years of just Eid at home. Of course, there should be no euphoria that goes too far to take off the mask and violate other health protocols. Remember, even though you have been vaccinated, you must still obey the health procedures because vaccination coverage in Indonesia is only 50%.

People are getting ready to look for booster vaccines before going home and they are happy because they can go home. With a booster, the body’s resistance will be higher and it is not easy to get corona, even on long trips. However, you must obey health protocols to be completely clean from the Covid-19 virus.

)* The author is a contributor to the Press Circle and Cikini Students

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