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Survivors Highly Appreciate BIN’s Humanitarian Aid


Cianjur – The survivors of the earthquake in Cianjur Regency expressed their high appreciation for all the humanitarian assistance that had been distributed by the State Intelligence Agency (BIN).

In fact, the arrival of the BIN Humane Team in Cibereum Village Kaler , Cibereum Village , Kec Cugenang was immediately greeted with emotion by the refugees in the makeshift tent they had built soberly.

The reason is that so far, all the supplies they have to survive have been running low with their health condition also declining.

One of the residents, Iyum (54) admitted that the assistance from BIN, especially the health services from Medical Intelligence (MI) really helped all the families in the evacuation.

Not only related to health services, but other assistance such as food and various needs are very grateful.

“Thank God, the BIN health service is helping all the families here. Thank God, food assistance and other needs are also given. Hopefully there will be more assistance because there are still many people who need food, medicine and toddler needs,” said Iyum .

Meanwhile, BIN Spokesperson, Prabawa Ajie stated that so far his party has continued to carry out sweeps of locations to isolated areas even since the beginning after the earthquake occurred.

“Today is the eighth day after the earthquake. The BIN Humane Team is again trying to explore places that we think need help, need to get health checks,” he said.

In fact, the BIN Humanitarian Team itself is trying very hard so that the assistance that is distributed is in accordance with the needs of the people in the evacuation sites.

“BIN provided assistance, namely ready-to-eat food, snacks such as bread, then basic necessities, milk drinks needed by young children. Because earlier there was a wish for mothers to ask for help so that small children get milk,” said Ajie.

Furthermore, the BIN spokesperson described the condition of the people in the evacuation tents.

It turned out that at that time, the condition of many residents whose health condition was declining due to the very makeshift conditions of the tents.

“During our visit, many children and their parents contracted minor illnesses such as flu, coughs and runny nose. The reason was because the tents were emergency, so they were cold at night, hot during the day,” said Ajie.

BIN itself so far has a very strong commitment to continue to be at the forefront in maintaining the safety of all Indonesian people.

In fact, to be able to reach all isolated areas, the BIN Humanitarian Team coordinates with many parties at once.

Dozens of personnel had to be willing to walk in order to enter Kampung Cibereum because the terrain was indeed difficult to access. []

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