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The Government Accelerates Vaccination to All Territories of Indonesia


By: Abdul Rozak)*

The government will accelerate vaccination to all regions of Indonesia, from Sabang to Merauke. Vaccination is carried out to remote areas, because every Indonesian citizen has the right to get it. If everyone has been vaccinated, group immunity is formed and the pandemic situation can be ended.

The pandemic that has occurred since the beginning of 2020, has made people try hard to avoid contracting Corona. They live a healthy lifestyle, adhere to health protocols, and get the Covid-19 vaccination. Moreover, the vaccine is given free of charge and is halal by the MUI, so people queue up to be vaccinated at the hospital with pleasure.

Acceleration of vaccination is the government’s target so that the pandemic can be ended quickly and Indonesia is free from Corona. The chairman of the Indonesian House of Representatives, Puan Maharani, asked the government to guarantee the availability of vaccines and accelerate vaccination in Indonesia. Vaccination is not only given in Java and Bali, but also throughout Indonesia.

In a sense, the acceleration of vaccination is something urgent, because as of September 26, 2022, there are 1,344 Corona patients throughout Indonesia. This figure is still quite high, and can be reduced by disciplined health protocols plus vaccinations.

As of August 31, 2022, the number of Indonesian citizens who have received the first dose of vaccine is 203 million people, while for the second dose only 171 million people (data from the Ministry of Health).

If the vaccine received by the community is only the first dose, it will be lacking because the immunity obtained will decrease after 6 months. Therefore, the public is obliged to get the second dose of vaccine a maximum of 6 months after the first dose.

Puan also asked that if there are findings of new Corona cases, there must be an intensive examination, tracking, and treatment. The quality of health services and facilities throughout Indonesia is also maintained. Likewise, the rights of health workers (health workers) such as salaries and incentives must be fulfilled in an orderly manner. In a sense, the acceleration of vaccination must also be balanced with positive policies for health workers and health centers.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Home Affairs has issued a Circular Letter of the Minister of Home Affairs Number 440/3917/SJ dated July 11, 2022, regarding the Acceleration of Advanced Dose Vaccination (Booster) for the Community. The contents are an appeal to the Governor and Regent/Mayor regarding efforts to prevent and control Covid-19.

The Director General of Regional Administration Development at the Ministry of Home Affairs, Safrizal ZA, stated that this circular is a form of support for accelerating the implementation of booster vaccination nationally through a proactive, focused, and coordinated strategy. Booster vaccination is also used as a requirement for people who will travel within the country.

The contents of the circular include: guidance and strict supervision of the acceleration of the implementation of booster doses of vaccination. There is also monitoring and evaluation of the booster acceleration. In addition, there is massive socialization by optimizing all media (print and electronic media) so that people understand the importance of booster vaccination.

For the booster vaccine, only 62 million Indonesians have received it (data from the Ministry of Health, as of September 15, 2022). Therefore, there needs to be an acceleration of vaccination so that all people get the complete vaccine, not just the first or the second. Must be complete with a booster, must be obtained because it will perfect the body’s immunity from Corona. Valid throughout Indonesia.

The booster vaccine will improve immunity so that the body is protected from Corona (if you obey health protocols too). So far, people have only been hunting for boosters if they want to travel by public transportation, such as trains or airplanes.

However, they should be obligated to know the importance of boosters, so that a maximum of 6 months after the second Corona vaccine injection, must be injected again. Don’t just look for a booster when you’re traveling, because the time lag between the second and third injections could be too long. Or even lazy booster and choose the PCR test, even though there are no side effects from booster injections.

The Ministry of Health targets that by the end of 2022, at least 50% of Indonesian citizens will receive a booster vaccine. Therefore, acceleration of vaccination, especially booster vaccination, is carried out throughout Indonesia, especially in areas where vaccination coverage is still low.

Vaccine availability continues to be monitored to ensure that it is sufficient for the community, especially those outside Java. If the stock is safe then vaccination is also safe, and more and more people throughout Indonesia have been fully vaccinated.

To attract public interest in booster vaccines, local governments can create interesting programs. For example, vaccination and participants are given food packages, credit, etc. With a bait like this

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