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The Pandemic Is Not Over The Society Must Stay Disciplined Health Protocol


By: Made Prawira )*

Indonesia is still hit by a pandemic and is still being handled seriously by the government. The public is asked to continue to wear masks and be disciplined in carrying out health protocols, because Corona is still everywhere.

It is undeniable, during the two years of this pandemic we have experienced pressure not only psychologically but also mentally. However, this condition cannot be used as an excuse to violate health protocols, because if you are exposed to Corona it will be more dangerous. Moreover, if infected before being vaccinated, the risk will be even greater.

The pandemic has not been completed and has been confirmed by Presidential Decree number 21 of 2021 which is a revision of the previous year’s rules. The government sees that the situation is not really safe and there are still 20,000 Corona patients per day. It is not certain when the pandemic will end, but we must be optimistic that it will pass soon.

At the beginning of the pandemic we were so panicked in dealing with Corona that we were paranoid when we left the house, then the packages that came were washed until they were sterile. Even the bills were also washed. Masks are also rare. But after two years, everything changed. Some are starting to be lazy to wear masks and hold large-scale events, even though it’s a clear violation of health protocols.

This situation is really sad because you don’t just obey health protocols (prokes) when there are officers or the Covid-19 Task Force Team. However, awareness must exist from within oneself. Do not protest when the event is dismissed by the authorities because it violates the prokes. The pandemic is not over yet and don’t be careless in implementing health protocols, because Corona can lurk anywhere.

Moreover, there is now the Corona Variant Omicron which is 70 times more contagious than Delta. Omicron should be wary of because the symptoms are mild, just like the common cold but with a higher intensity of cough. Moreover, Omicron sufferers do not experience anosmia like Corona patients in general. It could be that they are people without symptoms and then continue their activities as usual.

We must protect ourselves from OTGs by vaccinating and following the 10M prokes. If you wear a double mask with a cloth mask position on the outside, it will be protected from the danger of omicron. Remember that omicron is more virulent than delta, especially if there are comorbidities, so don’t mess with Corona. You don’t want to be the next patient, do you?

How hard is it to wear a mask when you’re outside? Over the past two years we have adapted and worn comfortable masks, haven’t we? Moreover, masks are very easy to find, even on the roadside there are those who sell them, the price is also quite affordable. Wearing masks for an hour is not that crowded and we have to campaign for masks again because many are lazy to wear them.

In addition to masks, follow other procedures such as washing hands, using hand sanitizer, and keeping a distance. Don’t travel unless you have to, and don’t travel for healing reasons. In fact, after traveling, many were infected with Corona when he was negligent and threw away the mask while in the car and at tourist attractions.

The pandemic has not yet been declared over, neither by the government nor by the World Health Organization/WHO. Don’t be careless by removing the mask and violating other procedures such as holding a dangdut concert. Don’t make excuses that the mask is hot or feel healthy. In fact, currently there are more and more People Without Symptoms (OTG), so we must protect ourselves from the possibility of being exposed to Corona.

)* The author is a contributor to the Press Circle and Cikini Students

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