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The Public Welcomes the G20 Summit Positively


By : Reza Herlambang )*

The implementation of the G20 Summit in November 2022 will receive a positive public response. Apart from being a form of international confidence, the G20 Summit is a momentum for economic recovery that has been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Indonesia’s G20 Presidency, which carries out the mission of recovering together, has three priority sectors, namely the global health sector, energy transition and digital transformation. These three priorities are expected to contribute to the acceleration of the recovery of an inclusive global situation.

Indonesia’s leadership in the G20 is built on various modalities including roles and contributions on the regional and global stages that have been taken into account. From the path of diplomacy, Indonesia has a good track record in the multilateral and regional arenas.

The G20 Summit was apparently welcomed by the people of Bali. Head of the Communication, Informatics and Statistics Office of the Bali Provincial Government, Gede Pramana said, the Balinese people were so enthusiastic in welcoming guests, making the event a success, to take advantage of the opportunities created by international events, especially the G20 Summit.

Since a number of meetings of the G20 Presidency series were held in several locations including in Bali, the community, especially economic actors, said Gede Pramana has improved. Not only to welcome and access the event, but also to take advantage of various releases from the event. 

The main supporter of Bali’s economy is Tourism. Of course, Indonesia’s G20 Presidency will be more open and provide public optimism to spur economic movements again after the impact of the pandemic.

Therefore, people began to work together to provide the best service. The summit, which will be held in November, will certainly open eyes that Bali and Indonesia as a whole are safe places for world-class events.

Gede Pramana also ensured that community activities during the summit continued as usual. But in some areas adjacent to the meeting site, it was asked to do so online. For example, educational activities in some schools and universities.

Like at Udayana University in Badung which is close to the location. Have been asked to do lectures online. Likewise, the office activities of the Bali Provincial Government have also issued circulars during the summit, all activities are carried out using the Work From Home (WFH) mechanism. Except for the hotel and its employees. Of course, this is an exception because its function is to support activities.

Therefore, the Bali Provincial Government has also prepared free Wifi in several locations to ensure that community activities take place properly. There are about 1,834  free Wifi points  already set up.

Meanwhile, regarding security, the Bali Provincial Government is said to have cooperated with the TNI in the Bali Regional Police to ensure minimization of potential riots or things that interfere with the activities of the G20 Summit. His party also involves a security system based on Indigenous Villages or what is called Sipandu Beradat. Here Pecalang will play an important role.

Meanwhile, the Chairman of the Bali Tourism Board, Ida Bagus Partha Adnyata, acknowledged that indonesia’s G20 Presidency 2022, from the side event to its summit in November, will build a lot of optimism that in the not too distant future, the Bali tourism sector and Indonesia as a whole, rose after being hit by the Covid-19 pandemic.

First, the G20 international event will be an economic booster.  “Along with the improvement in handling Covid-19, this event makes tourist visits will increase, this is evidenced by the increase in visits in hotels.

Secondly, with the summit, of course, it will give an image that Bali is a very worthy place to hold international events and is safe to visit. Third, infrastructure development and improvement are important factors to support the tourism sector.

On a different occasion, the Regent of Badung Nyoman Giri Prasta, invited members of the Bali Shanti and Baladika Bali Warriors to synergize with the government in maintaining security, order, and in order to make development a success in the Badung regency area in particular and the island of Bali in general.

Giri Prasta also advised the entire bali alliance family angunggah Shanti to play an active role in the success of the central government and President Joko Widodo’s programs, regarding the implementation of the G20 Summit in Nusa Dua, South Kuta, Badung.

He also asked the Balinese people to welcome the G20 event in Bali positively. Because it has been proven that the G20 Summit has made a positive contribution to economic growth, even in Badung Regency, it has now exceeded the target. He is also committed to always supporting every activity designed by the Bali Angunggah Shanti Alliance throughout Bali.

The G20 Summit in Bali is a big celebration, where this event will be attended by various delegations from countries that are members of the G20. Indonesia as the host of course must be able to facilitate the event well, because this event will also have an impact on economic growth, especially in the tourism sector.

)* The author is a contributor to Ruang Baca Nusantara

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