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Vaccination Effective Resist Covid-19 transmission


By: Ridwan Alamsyah )*

Vaccination very effective for ward off transmission of Covid-19 so as not to Keep going spread and soon formed herd immunity in Indonesia.

later this Covid-19 cases are back crawl up after he found variant latest from Omicron, that is Omicron XBB subvariant . it _ so strengthen statement that of course pandemic actually still not yet truly ends , so all party must capable for Keep going guard vigilance self they each .

A number of must step _ done by society in framework guard vigilance self oppose the Covid-19 pandemic among them is To do vaccine until dose complete accompanied with booster vaccines , then permanent apply protocol health with wearing a mask, in particular if traveling to outside room and to the place public until washing hand every done To do activity .

Related with Vaccines , Chief General Association Allergy Indonesian Immunologist , Iris Rengganis , said vaccination Fulfill immunity , especially in face variant new to Covid-19. Himself say vaccination permanent must run until booster stage though exists viral mutation of course just reduce effectiveness vaccine . But , he confirm vaccine permanent could reduce number pain , care at home pain , also lowered number death .

The reason is , for example somebody permanent exposed to Covid-19, however if condition himself already To do vaccination until dose complete or even To do booster vaccine , then the person ‘s symptoms experience no will Becomes critical or even until critical and necessary rushed to House sick .

The risks related to Covid-19 with severe symptoms _ naturally can minimized with To do protection self from in , ie vaccination . it _ naturally will very different with the same person very not yet To do Vaccination , of course they potentially experience distant symptoms _ more critical even until endanger life .

Same , Expert from Department Microbiology Faculty Medical University of Indonesia (FKUI), Prof. Dr. Amin Soebandrio confirm that of course vaccination Covid-19 still very effective for prevent infection exposure to the virus . According to him Thing that related with formation antibody in body human .

Prof. Amin added that antibody in body man of course will very different if compared between those who do vaccine with those that don’t vaccine . Formation antibody for can prevent and fight Covid-19 will very good for those who do vaccination .

A number of protection from vaccine already proven , at least there is three stage . First ie capable prevent somebody from infection due to Covid-19, then protection second is capable prevent someone for example himself already already infected with Covid-19 then no will pain and protection all three is when people are sick , then the disease no will Becomes heavy .

According to Prof. Amin, if somebody already To do vaccination , then that works for protect her body no only just the antibody only , but also memory cells inside _ _ _ her body . With memory cell the , of course role from protection will increase with more significant .

So from that ‘s protection of course must Keep going conducted in framework guard vigilance self from potency exposure to Covid-19. Data shows addition Covid-19 cases in the country itself on the day this of course still Keep going occurred , there were 7,644 cases new , however additions also occur in patients healed as many as 4,984. Temporary that for case die alone increase from 51 to 159,473. For case active increase as many as 2,609 to in total to 62,196.

Realize how importance To do vaccination , unit The Covid – 19 Handling Task Force reports that receiver booster vaccines in Indonesia are also continuing increase to 66.25 million people. on the day this course , people who do booster vaccination achieve as many as 90,071.

No only booster vaccines alone , however vaccination dose both arrived _ moment this the amount still Keep going increase to 172,276,923 with addition of people who do vaccination dose second on the day this as many as 29,168 people. Including the recipient vaccine dose first to experience addition as many as 12,007 people up to in total to 205,330,851.

On the side On the other hand , the Indonesian government itself is still Keep going intensify vaccination dose fourth or aimed second booster _ in a manner special for power _ medical . Because they considered as very people susceptible potentially will exposure to Covid-19 due to those who deal in a manner direct when must To do care medical . Megenai addition alone , on the day this vaccine fourth added 4,930 people so in total reached 731,836 recipients vaccine .

Of course no can denied that vaccination conducted of course for create herd immunity or immunity group for the status of the Covid-19 pandemic in Indonesia can quick Becomes endemic . Besides that , the government also continues appealed to Public for operate protocol health and fulfilling vaccination they because vaccine alone really effective for can ward off transmission of Covid-19.

)* Author is Contributor Persada Institute

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