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A line of artists and musicians continue to be optimistic about Ganjar’s victory as president in 2024


JAKARTA — A number of artists and musicians in Indonesia are increasingly optimistic about Ganjar Pranowo’s victory as President of the Republic of Indonesia in 2024.

They gathered and formed a community called Rumah Kita Extravaganjar and had a strong commitment to being able to fight hard to win the figure of the PDI Perjuangan presidential candidate.

General Chairperson of Rumah Kita Extravaganjar, Adi Adrian explained that the support given by artists and musicians to Ganjar Pranowo is for the sake of a more advanced Indonesia in the future.

“This is not about me, but about us, about Indonesia,” he said.

According to him, the formation of Rumah Kita Extravaganjar is not only a place for the struggle of artists and musicians to win over the white-haired leader, but also a form of their struggle for a better life.

Some of the things he highlighted were related to royalties to music management which he considered were still not optimal and needed to be fought for.

“As we know, the current condition of Indonesian music is not good. There is still much that needs to be fought for, such as the matter of royalties, music management that is still not optimal. Even though there is already an LMKN institution,” said Adi.

The keyboardist from the Kla Project is also very optimistic that Ganjar Pranowo will be able to win the 2024 presidential election.

“We are also in the near future going to roadshows to 10 cities in West Java. And we are optimistic to win Ganjar as president,” said Adi Adrian.

On the same occasion, Ian Antono admitted that he and other artists and musicians felt close to the 54-year-old leader.

“I know actually a long time. Every time Godbless performs in cities in Central Java, he is always there to watch. People really like music. That also makes me optimistic,” he said.

Optimism about Ganjar Pranowo’s victory is also supported by how a number of credible survey institutions state that the electability of the leader who was born in Karanganyar Regency continues to lead.

Secretary General of the Ganjarian Spartan Volunteers, Dwi Kundoyo, admitted that all of this was the result of the maximum work done by the volunteers with lots of outreach and various other ways.

“Thanks to the intense communication of volunteers with the bearer party, PDI Perjuangan (PDIP), the volunteers are increasingly working hard to popularize Pak Ganjar Pranowo,” he said.

Meanwhile, Researcher at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) Nicky Fahrizal explained that currently the people themselves have started to understand that some previous issues such as the holding of the U-20 World Cup should not be linked to politics.

“Now Ganjar is rebounding, because people seem to have started to understand, forgive or forget Ganjar’s statement. In fact, generation Z is pushing for the U-20 World Cup not to be linked to politics,” he said.

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